The Nepal Africa Film Festival 2016’s closing ceremony on Friday, September 9, was a meaningful event, ending three days of movies from across the continent. Organized for the fifth time by Dr. Manju Mishra from the College of Journalism & Mass Communication, it was an opportunity for film lovers in the capital to view a cross section of African films. The closing ceremony included speeches from illustrious figures, including Prof. Martin Mhando, Director of the Zanzibar International Film Festival, and Francis K. Mutungi, First Secretary of Uganda’s High Commission. Nepal’s own Rajesh Hamal spoke about his personal challenges rising to the top of Nepal’s film industry, and Kristin S. Orgeret from Norway quoted Nigerian writer ChimamandaNgoziAdichie’s TED talk on “The Danger of a Single Story.” So true, and so important that we all, on every continent, get a chance to tell our own stories.