Kathmandu, 21 March
To mark the International World Water Day, SmartPaani, a brand under One Planet Solution, organized a seminar on “Wastewater Treatment: Problems and Solutions” on 21 March at Trade Tower. The seminar saw a panel of experts speak on wastewater treatment, while the audience consisted of a good number of students and other specialists on water concerns and related subjects.
The program had Managing Director of SmartPaani, Suman Shakya as the moderator. Once he announced the basic outline of the seminar, Rajani Maharjan continued the program with an introduction of SmartPaani, which included a brief history of the brand and the services they offer. Elaborating on the services like Rainwater Harvesting, Bio Sand Filtration, Water Recycling and Wastewater Treatment, she mentioned that SmartPaani had successfully installed over a hundred systems in Kathmandu within a year. She was followed by Bhusan Tuladhar, an Environmental Engineer, who gave an informative presentation on the topic ‘Urban Waste Water Management in Nepal’. His presentation was primarily focused on Nepal and ‘what works, what doesn’t’ regarding urban sanitation and waste water management. Next Bijay Thapa, Technical Coordinator for SmartPaani gave a research presentation on the present condition of waste water treatment plants in Kathmandu. Finally, Ruud Zwaag, an expert from the Netherlands discussed the problems and solutions in municipal wastewater treatment.
The seminar came to an end with a question and answer session after which guests were provided with refreshment.