Lalitpur, 15 March

The auditorium of DAV school was abuzz with rounds of claps and whistles on Friday, as Circus Kathmandu’s “Swagatam” kicked off at 6:30 pm with the talented company of acrobats, aerialists and physical performers on stage.
The aerial acts performed by the group such as the trapeze, performance on silk and hoops had the artists in the air for a long time. With no visible sign of safety precautions, the acts were a thrill to watch, leaving the back of the chair of many audience’s unemployed. Ground-based performances like the formation of pyramid and acrobats were a hit among the audience receiving rounds of applauses and hoots. Hoop dance by the ladies was phenomenal. But the performances were not limited to being visual delights; most of them narrated the artists’ stories of struggle and self-discovery.
The acts were complemented by musical pieces, most of which were Nepali folk. The show also had audio clips playing in the background, that had individual artists telling the stories of their lives. At the end of it all, despite some minor mistakes, the circus performance was well appreciated.