-Christina Sabrowsky

The United World Trade Center located at Tripureshwor was transformed into an “icy cave” for the 24 and 25 December. The reason for this transformation was the second edition of the “Snow Fall Party” organized by OMG events. The party took place last year and delighted a crowd of around 4000 people dancing and enjoying the virtual snow fall. This year the organizers decided to make the event become even bigger, better and more popular. “We wanted to work against the fact that people needed to travel long ways to experience Christmas. Why not bring Christmas to Nepal?” explained Sudan Gurung, Director of OMG Theme Events.
Besides the party that happened on Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas Day, visitors of the United World Trade Center could immerse into a real “winter wonderland”. A four storied artificial Christmas tree, a giant snowman at the entrance and a huge Santa chair created a beautiful Christmas setting..