The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Break the Silence

Antardristi Nepal,an organization working against child sex abuse was formed in

Risks in Clicks

To remind us all of the high risks that we are living our lives in the United

Possessed by TV

Have you watched yourself watching TV?Can you imagine the trance-like effect television has


A children's musical production, 'sPlat was launched at Shree Mangal Dvip

Haute Hot Dates

The Fashion Industry in Nepal takes a new turn with the launching of the

Telling a Tale

The stories in this book, that I've had the privilege to read, are personal tales written by women for public eyes.

Ek Din Ek Raat

What can happen within 24 hours? Can time be reversed? Religion and Science both assume that the soul never dies.

Wedding Wows

Panchaye Baja greeted visitors who entered the DECC Hall during the three day wedding and gift

Tastes of Tankori

"The music I play is for my Ainu people"says Oki Kano, famous Ainu Japanese musician who had

Friends of Mugu

"Mugu is ranked 75th in the development index of Nepal. Through this event we want to

Taste the Sake

The Sake Night,at Shogun Restaurant,started with a bang on 12 January. Sake,a rice-based

Target: One Million

Together for tourism. Tourism for prosperity. Prosperity for stability. With these mottos

Bend It like Bollywood

Soaltee Crowne Plaza welcomed 2011 in "Bollywood Style''. On 31 December, New Year's Eve, Soaltee Crowne Plaza,

Heaven on Earth

It felt like the whole of Kathmandu was present at Hotel Malla on the eve of a brand new year to celebrate

A Rad Xmas

A Christmas tree decked out in baubles and fairy lights, and a gingerbread house set at the foot

Talking Art

Art is a reflection of society and the artist,mediator between the social consciousness and

Let's Talk about ART, baby!

I have been waiting for this exhibition for six years and this exhibition has been worth the wait,

Defining Purity

On 10 Decemberm,Adam Swart Nepali\'s exhibition of paintings titled \' Kumari Lakshan