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Bend It like Bollywood

Soaltee Crowne Plaza welcomed 2011 in "Bollywood Style''. On 31 December, New Year's Eve, Soaltee Crowne Plaza,

Heaven on Earth

It felt like the whole of Kathmandu was present at Hotel Malla on the eve of a brand new year to celebrate

A Rad Xmas

A Christmas tree decked out in baubles and fairy lights, and a gingerbread house set at the foot

Talking Art

Art is a reflection of society and the artist,mediator between the social consciousness and

Let's Talk about ART, baby!

I have been waiting for this exhibition for six years and this exhibition has been worth the wait,

Defining Purity

On 10 Decemberm,Adam Swart Nepali\'s exhibition of paintings titled \' Kumari Lakshan

Fresh Diplomats

On December 18,college goers and family gathered at the Rastriya Naach Ghar in Jamal to support


Held in BhrikutiMandap,the SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement (SAPTA) took place from 15th Dec,

Crafty Christmas

Christmas has shown its arrival extravagantly at Dhukuti,Kupondole with jingle bells and

Surreal Reality

An exhibition of impressionistic photography titled 'Dreaming of Prayer Flags'by Sandy Shum was

Funds for Maiti

Afnai Maiti- An Evening of Admiration" - an event in the initiative to raise funds for Maiti

Nature Hike

On December 18, 2010, almost 150 people from all walks of life went back to nature kind courtesy of

Kon'nichiwa Kathmandu!

Women walking around in pretty kimonos, the smell of Japanese food redolent in the air, lively music

Wonder Women

Nine extraordinary stories of strength, dedication, and sincerity - the Celebrating Womanhood Navadevi Awards 2010 honored nine women as incarnations of the Hindu

Corporate Snooker

The Republica Corporate Snooker Week came to a close on Friday the 10th with Prabhu

Sport on the Beach

The corporate houses shutdown their laptops, abandoned their briefcases, suits and ties