The Smarter Entertainment Weekly

Two Bands; One Spirit

The two bands, Gunvald RNR Trio and The Elephant Band, both comprising of Norwegian and Nepali musicians and who also happen to share a few members with each other, released their albums two weeks ago...

China Harayeko Manchhe

China Harayeko Manchhe (translated as “the man who lost his horoscope”; China pronounced as chee-nah) could as well be one of the best Nepali literary pieces coming from a not-so-regular writer, Hari...

Being Thought-fool

In the spirit of gai jatra we give you a pictorial presentation of things that might seem commonplace (except of course the chickens talking and flying Nepali super hero).


Black Sabbath, fondly dubbed the Godfathers of heavy metal, resurrect from the ashes of desolation. There's a small change though.

Random Reveries!

Random Reveries! A title so aptly chosen for the exhibition of three artists: Bidhata KC, Kuruchi Dasgupta and Pramila Bajracharya at Bikalpa Art Centre (BAC),

In Black

The Newaz have always been a force of gritty music and raw power. Satish Sthapit on vocals and guitar provides the steam rolling riffs and screeches, Roshan Kansakar on the bass is thundering away and...

Horse Ballet

Gokarna Forest Resort, in collaboration with Wind Horse Stables, recently launched their horse riding packages on 1 July.

In My Write

Devasri Rana, a debut writer aged 10, had her first book launched by Sandj Widerspin, the principal of The British School

Electro Night at Cube

Organized by Mandala Events, Cube Night - the wildest electro house party night, was held in Cube, Kamaladi, which sported the feel of house electro music.

Rap Battle Continues

On Saturday afternoon at Peri Peri Restaurant, Xclusivez entertainment presented Raw Barz: Summer Mash-up 2013.

A Journey of Writing

A Journey of Writing with Samrat Upadhyaya was organized by Himalayan Readers’ Book Club and was supported by LASANAA

Annapurna Provides Flood Relief

Hotel Annapurna executives handed over a generous flood relief package to the president of Zonta Club Nepal, Pramila Acharya.

Giddy up!

In collaboration with Wind Horse Stables, the eco-friendly resort unveiled their extensive packages that include 45 min pony or horse rides

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

Once in a while a band comes along with a unique sound and music so refreshing that everyone is drawn to it instantly.

Artists Visualize Federalism

'A Federal Life’ was a 2-day residency workshop, designed to communicate the concept of federalism to local artists in Nepal so that the artists could convey this message visually to Nepali youth and...

The Everest Hotel Cup Golf Tournament 2013

The Everest Hotel Cup Golf tournament 2013, which saw 71 participants, was held at Royal Nepal Golf Club on 7 June and 8 June under 3/4 handicap stableford format.