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Will You... Jump Off a Bridge with Me?

Like Superman and Lois Lane, Spiderman and Mary Jane or, if you swing that way, Batman and Robin, you could be sharing the scare and going though the ecstasy of adventure together with your significan...

4 Unconventional Romantic Flicks

A majority of romantic movies bore us to tears with their boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl-back, someone-dies storyline. It’s not that love stories are inherently uninteresting; it&...

Sphatik: Their Parallel Escapes

A happy man nods to every proposal, they say. This probably means now is the right time to make Ashesh Malla agree to any request. The director, teacher, and artist who gave form to Sarwanam, mus...

A Cafe with an Attitude

Sam Adalia, has been working for INGOs and multilateral organizations for the last 20 years.

Tag, You’re it!

Paintball was arguably the most popular game of 2013. As Facebook profiles were flooded with photos of camouflaged people holding up massive guns

Christmas Prelude

Christmas is a time when you gather with your loved ones and enjoy their company. It's a time when you put grievances aside and learn to forgive and forget.

Voices Against Violence

'Half The Sky', the current edition of Human Rights Film Focus Nepal's (HRFFN) annual film festival is taking place at various venues across the city. This year

Judging Court Martial

Bijaya Adhikari is a screenplay writer, ad maker and lyricist. He is a national award winning copy writer and an avid film aficionado.

Out Of Exile

Starting off with the song 'Kathmandu', ‘Nepali' is an album that metaphorically represents Rusty Nails’ musical journey

Halloween Horrors

It’s that time of the year again when ghouls and goblins come to life and roam free. It's Halloween! Although still a week

Light Grenades

Released in 2006, Light Grenades was Incubus’ sixth studio album. The band was at the height of its popularity then with 359,000 units


Movies involving robots have always managed to generate quite an audience.

Two Bands; One Spirit

The two bands, Gunvald RNR Trio and The Elephant Band, both comprising of Norwegian and Nepali musicians and who also happen to share a few members with each other, released their albums two weeks ago...

China Harayeko Manchhe

China Harayeko Manchhe (translated as “the man who lost his horoscope”; China pronounced as chee-nah) could as well be one of the best Nepali literary pieces coming from a not-so-regular writer, Hari...

Being Thought-fool

In the spirit of gai jatra we give you a pictorial presentation of things that might seem commonplace (except of course the chickens talking and flying Nepali super hero).


Black Sabbath, fondly dubbed the Godfathers of heavy metal, resurrect from the ashes of desolation. There's a small change though.

Random Reveries!

Random Reveries! A title so aptly chosen for the exhibition of three artists: Bidhata KC, Kuruchi Dasgupta and Pramila Bajracharya at Bikalpa Art Centre (BAC),

In Black

The Newaz have always been a force of gritty music and raw power. Satish Sthapit on vocals and guitar provides the steam rolling riffs and screeches, Roshan Kansakar on the bass is thundering away and...