Time: 2 p.m. onwards

In Nepal, tattoo is a very popular culture that is sought after by many teens and young adults. To acknowledge this and celebrate the art of making tattoos, Nepal Tattoo Pvt. Ltd., since the last seven years, has been organizing the Nepal Tattoo Convection, an annual function for all the tattoo lovers. Nepal Tattoo Convection 2017 will present whole new possibilities in the art of tattoo making, with more than 200 national and international tattoo and body artists from all over the world and their own unique forms of art, needles, and ink. Live tattoo, body suspension demonstrations, tattoo competitions, along with Nepali folk and music shows are what give the three-day event a cultural touch. More than a hundred stalls of tattoos, guitars, handicrafts will be on display to engage the crowd, as busy artists ink enthusiastic tattoo lovers.