If you are looking to kick-start a new business or hoping to be a successful entrepreneur in the near future, then this work shop will definitely be handy to you. Monday Morning Coffee Queries is a free event tailored for Entrepreneurs, Students and Start-ups. Clock b Business Innovations organize this event, every Monday morning through which the attendees have the platform to learn and interact and make the most of the event:

1)By discussing prepared agendas that needs to be learnt and spoke about
2)By listening to others and providing opinions on the matter
The event focuses on meeting bright new people with amazing business ideas and experience. And also, it creates an environment to join a business community which believes in learning and evolving together. This will help you determine which traits you should develop to become a successful businessman and succeed in the field. Regardless of your definition of success, there are, oddly enough, a great number of common characteristics that are shared by successful business people.

For further details, facebook.com/events/1868493180035901