“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”
Summer spans for an average of 92- 95 days a year in Nepal, which means, multiplied by 67.98 (the average life expectancy), the average individual among us has a total of 6118.2 days of summer in their life. 
To find out how many days of summer you have left in your life:
1. First, calculate the summer days you have already lived. Take your current age, for example 25; multiply it by the average days of summer in a year i.e. 93, (25 X 93= 2325). 
2. Then, subtract the days of summer you have lived (2325) from the total average summer days (6118.2) i.e. (6118.2 – 2325 = 3793), which suggests, I myself only have 3793 days of summer left in my life! 
Calculated yours? Startling, isn’t it? 
So, when you know you have those few days of summer left in your life, would you not make them count? Well, it’s completely your choice on how you want to spend your summer. You can be your craziest, go skinny dipping, drink a lot of beer and get fat like a beer can, party for days, or even get a suntan, but you would not want to feel bad about all these things once summer is gone. Hence, following are some simple and taken-for-granted summer indulgences that can actually help you make your summer days worthwhile.

BBQ is the ultimate and epic summer cook-out when it comes to planning the menu for a summer get together. More than just eating the meat, the whole process of BBQ is where the fun lies. So, make sure you organize a BBQ party, or at least be a part of it with your pals this summer.

Get a Read
Finding good books to read, at times, can appear to be a difficult task. But, once you are in company of a nice read, you tend to forget what’s happening around and wish you could be the characters in the book. You start caring about the characters in the book more than those in real life. Hence, finding a good read is a great escape if you are an introvert looking for joy within.

Get Inked
Literally, keep calm and get inked this summer. Some do it for style, some do it to be unique, some do it to give a message, some do it for fun, and some do it out of passion. No matter what the reason is, if you have been planning on getting inked since ages, but have not got one, go for it this summer, and I promise, summer will offer you short clothes to flaunt them around.

When the temperature rises, many embrace the outdoors and get their camping gear out of the store rooms. Summer camps bring back recollections of bunk beds, campfires, and meals with friends. These camps give us the best childhood memories of our lives. So, why not become a kid and relive those moments than just sitting at home and lamenting on your lost childhood the entire summer season.

Pamper Yourself
Enjoy the kick-off to the 2017 summer season in the most self-pampery way possible. It can include a lot of activities, everything tailored towards making you feel happy and relaxed. Whether you are pampering your body, mind, or heart, sit back and relax. After all, happiness starts from you.

Find Peace
Amidst all the rush, noise, parties, and heat, it is crucial you find peace and solace. When you are born in the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, it is not that difficult to find such a place to relax and meditate. You can always explore monasteries, pray, meditate, and find peace from within. Even just a stroll around these places in the morning and evening can do the magic.

Explore Mother Nature
A beautiful enchantress is what nature is. Nepal’s landscape, with her rich and diverse landscapes that are so full of life, is always tempting and challenging us for exploration and discovery. This summer, leave the comfort of your homes, travel, embrace, and explore the natural beauty, be it through hiking, trekking, or any form of nature adventure. Just be outside, and embrace everything that Mother Nature has to offer.

Be a Water Baby
If you can swim, wear a life jacket and jump off a cliff into white water. If you don’t know how to swim, wear a life jacket and jump off a cliff into white water! Do it!  You will thank me later. Surrender yourself to water, either by drinking it, going rafting, or swimming. Just be a water baby this summer and beat the heat.