Breakfast Buffet at Radisson Kathmandu

Nothing can give you more happiness than having a perfect breakfast in the early morning and starting your day full of energy. Especially for the ones who travel to another country, breakfast is the beginning of exploring a new world. Wondering where you can get an original taste of Nepal breakfast prepared by a professional chef? Then, Radisson Hotel Kathmandu will definitely be your choice. Situated in Lazimpat, Radisson Hotel Kathmandu offers a wide-selection of breakfast buffet every morning from 6:30, which ranges from Nepali, Indian, Chinese, and occidental foods.

No matter if you are a vegetarian, a meat lover, a fitness fanatic, or one who wants to try something new, the breakfast buffet of Radisson Hotel Kathmandu can meet your needs. Chef Ramsharan has worked in the hotel for more than ten years, and the best cuisine he makes is occidental; so, the sausage, grilled meats, and gluten-free breads are must-tries. But, for someone coming to Nepal at the first time, the Nepali and Indian breakfasts are highly recommended. Idli is a type of savory rice cake, which originally comes from the Indian breakfast table. With spicy Indian curry sauce, idli can give you a new palate experience.

Another must-try food served in the buffet is the omelet. The omelet made by Radisson Hotel Kathmandu is very special. Fried with cheese, mushroom, vegetable, and green chili, this special omelet has a unique taste. Taking a bite of the omelet, you will find the slightly roasted egg is perfectly mixed with cheese, and with the spicy taste from chili, this is an unusual combination of soft and strong.

Sit down in a comfortable sofa in the corner, and taste breakfast from all around the world with a cup of hot coffee. Come to Radisson Hotel Kathmandu and enjoy your morning!

Breakfast like a King

Soaltee Crown Plaza: the name itself reflects the royal treatment the hotel offers to their customers. Going for a breakfast in Soaltee, I already had high expectations, but as I walked through the breakfast buffet area, it was much more than I anticipated. With the wide variety of food on offer, it was almost overwhelming to see every item displayed there. As I calmed down and carefully looked around, there was so many different categories; Indian, continental, cold appetizers, cereal, bread, nuts, live food station, three different fresh juice sweets… it was almost a breakfast heaven.

Everything was maintained according to the needed temperature, and the food was replaced every thirty minutes. People working in the food department are very concerned about maintaining the food hygiene, and it is according to the brand standard. There is a variety in every section—a fancy variety of cheese, milk, bread—for a minute I was bewildered, the plate I devoured had a little of everything, and each bite was heavenly. The perfectly balanced temperature, the soft omelet, crunchy bacon, sweet pancake, smoked salmon, delicious bread, and fresh juice were amazingly good, and another amazing thing is that their menu changes every day!

Not only the food, but their hospitality and service were also extravagant, they always aim at keeping at least ninety percent of their customers satisfied, but after experiencing their service, I doubt if there are any unhappy customers. The kitchen staff pays deep attention to their diners. For example, if someone orders food out of the menu, they try to make it available for them. Their top-class lavish service truly left me speechless and my stomach happy. For me, it was not just a breakfast, but an international standard experience. We hear people saying, “eat breakfast like a king”, and at Soaltee, I got to have my breakfast like royalty.

Start Afresh at The Coffee Shop

Breakfast is called the most important meal for a good reason. It starts off the day and sets the mood for everything else that’s going to happen in the next twenty-four hours. The breakfast experience at The Coffee Shop will guarantee you that fresh start.

Located in the heart of Kathmandu, on the premises of Hotel Annapurna, Durbarmarg, The Coffee Shop serves breakfast buffet every morning from 6.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. Needless to say, the food selection here is endless. The place also brims with warm, rustic colors, and sunlight flows through the glass windows. The restaurant is decorated with lots of living plants and greens, opting for coziness and intimacy. The venue is quite spacious, with a lot of tables that can also be reserved for a pleasant morning. The restaurant was well-stocked with servers, who went around taking care of diners and serving food.

What’s on their menu, you ask? The Coffee Shop’s breakfast buffet serves the most fulfilling typical breakfast favorites, with freshly baked croissants, brownies, cupcakes, brown bread, waffles, eggs Benedict, cornflakes, sausage, bacon, and what not. Not only the classics, they also serve Japanese, Indian, and continental food and update their menu almost every day. For drinks, you can choose between coffee, tea, and a variety of fresh juices. Considering the quality and quantity of this particular breakfast buffet, the meal is totally worth the price of only Rs.1000 per person.

A personable, young executive chef, ArjunShrestha, feels that The Coffee Shop is the ideal go-to-breakfast place. For breakfast lovers who live and work in the neighborhood and for tourists in want of a fortifying mug of coffee and a taste of delicious comfort, The Coffee Shop will be a welcome filling station.

Breakfast in a Deluxe Palace Hotel

If you want to enjoy an authentic Indian breakfast that is meticulously prepared by a veteran Indian chef, or just have a fine brunch with classical American set in an upper-class restaurant, the prestigious Hotel Yak and Yeti must be your best destination.

Adjacent to the lobby, in the Sunrise Restaurant, a sumptuous buffet will be ready at 6:30 a.m. for the hurried customers with a full agenda. Freshly brewed coffee and tea, diverse types of sautéed vegetables, smoked bacon and grilled sausages, house-made breads and rolls…everything you expect for a great breakfast can be found on the long table. Taking time to have the breakfast, you can have a delectable choice of international cuisine from a la carte menu.

India specialties could be the best choice of your order. First is idli, a type of savory rice cake. Made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils and rice, it looks like Chinese sweet cake, but actually it is mild in taste. As one of the most popular breakfast food and snacks in India, the condiment is essential, which usually is sambhar, a green and red chutney. Another dish that is also served with similar gravy is dosa, a kind of pancake with rice and black gram as the main ingredients. It also comes with a variety of fillings, including traditional masala potato and other curried dishes. It looks huge, but the filling is a just a small handful in the center. The crisp taste and the fried appearance make it similar to crepe; however, it has originated from South India. The deep-fried bread, puri, as well as the delicious masala uthapam pancakes, are also available on the menu.

You can also find that international specialties have wandered onto the menu---American pancake and all kinds of bakeries, as well as a selection of drinks and Western-style fruit salad. Don’t neglect the exquisite tasty cheese, served as side dish with other staples, which are all made in-house by the French chef in French style in the amazing kitchen.

Breakfast at The Café-Hyatt Regency

Exploring through the variety of breakfast items at Hyatt was an ultimate beginning of the day. As I entered The Café, the first thing I saw was a counter of masala tea and filter coffee, a South India specialty. Moving on, we passed through bakery varieties and they were not just some regular bakeries. The Hyatt buffet includes oat muffin, chocolate croissant, flax seed roll, spinach croissant, beetroot donut, tea cake, and Danish crumble. Also some interesting bread options, such as multigrain bread, German pumpernickel bread, brown bread, and so on. The café also offered their guests some mouthwatering South Indian dishes like dosa accompanied by samber and coconut and tomato chutney. Hyatt's breakfast option was really broad, and they keep updating their menu with respect to demand and guests. There were so many continental and American dishes to enjoy that morning. Pancakes, waffles, and a plate of omelet, sausages, mashed potato, mushrooms, and bacon was an awesome delight to start my morning with. So, what's behind the juice bar? If you are keen, then I would love to tell you that The Café offers fresh carrot, spinach, watermelon, ginger, and beetroot juice. When we were served, the first thing I dug into was brown bread with homemade watermelon jam spread. Exciting, isn’t it? Two types of jam, watermelon and apple jams, were offered to us. And so many other exciting foods like homemade baked yogurt and pita bread, too.