The Ayurvedic Touch of Aloe vera

Summer demands your skin to stay hydrated and moist all the time. Nothing does this better than some good old-fashioned Aloe vera. Put some Aloe vera gel on the ice-cube tray and freeze it until solid. You can use the cubes to massage your face. Mix some hair oil, hair conditioner, and Aloe vera. Apply the mix gently as a hair mask. Massage your hair with the mix and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. It will keep your scalp cool and hydrated throughout the day. Plus, a smoothie with Aloe vera extract is easily one of the best summer drinks.

Home-Made Sunscreen Protection

The harmful rays of the sun can cause irreversible skin damages. So, you should put on an ample amount of sunscreen before going out. Blend together 2 teaspoons orange pulp, 2 tablespoons shea butter, 1 cup of beeswax (or raw honey), and a half cup of almond oil. You can also add an essence of your choice (lavender, rose, lemon, or sandalwood is preferable). Apply a generous layer of the mix over your face. This completely natural sunscreen will keep you fresh and tan-free all day long.

Easy to Make Summer Ice Tea

Summer Ice Tea is your shortcut to heaven in the hellish heat. Boil your favorite blend of tea (ideally green tea or Earl Grey) in a pot and let it cool. Now, cut two pieces of lemon, one full orange zest, some fresh rosemary (or mint) and some mountain honey. Add them into the tea and let it rest overnight inside the fridge. Voila, you have the most healthy and refreshing glass of drink in your hands. Get an insulated water bottle and pour the drink in with some ice cubes to enjoy the chill all day.

Use Pocket-size Fans for Desperate Times

Imagine getting stuck in the traffic inside a taxi that has no A/C or cooler (most Nepali ones). Carrying a pocket-sized fan is essential in such scenarios. These small fans will keep you cool and fit nicely inside your bag/purse. You can opt for small foldable Chinese fans. Most local handicraft stalls sell these beauties. Or, you can get a chargeable pocket fan that makes things easier.

Cap, Hat, and Beyond

If you look at the weather forecast and the temperature gives you a flashback of burning hell, then it’s time for you to pick your favorite form of shade. While choosing a hat/cap opt for breathable fabric. The goal is to protect the hair from the summer heat, not keep sweating all the time. Light-weight cotton, rayon, or a mixture of cotton and linen, is always a good choice. Consider your face shape and choose the hat accordingly to ensure the right style.

Get Suitable Summer Sunglasses

Your sunglasses are your best friends in the harsh sun. Choose sunglasses that provide you protection from UV rays. Check the label to see if it offers 100% UV protection. Polarized glasses are also a top pick, they reduce sun glare and you can do outdoor sports in the summer with polarized glasses. Don’t shy away from bigger lenses. It covers a big chunk of your face, giving you more coverage.