Going in for a vegan lifestyle to get healthier in a city where not many vegan products are available is surely a challenging task. So, after repeatedly saying no to “Are you sure you don’t want milk? Not even a little bit of butter?” and becoming quite unhappy for months, I decided to take things seriously and hunt the city for products that work for those on a vegan diet. That’s when I came across Vegan Dairy Nepal, a savior indeed.

Vegan Dairy Nepal is a venture started by co-founder Kajol Sethia after she came back to Nepal from Singapore and felt the demand for and lack of vegan products in Nepal. “Before when I used to come back to Nepal for vacations, my mum used to make me yummy vegan products. And I wondered why not make my mum’s products available to the rest of the Nepali market? That’s how, with her culinary support, Vegan Dairy Nepal came into existence a year ago,” explains Kajol.

They currently have a wide variety of products such as soy milk, hazelnut milk, almond milk, no tella, pineapple honey, energy bars, pumpkin seed butter, cashew cultured butter, a Parmesan cheese alternative, and many other products. Kajol says, “I believe veganism is a lifestyle choice where we eliminate all sorts of animal based products from our lives, because animals are here with us and not for us. And when there are 20,000 edible plants on this planet, there is no need to rely on animals for nutrients.” Vegan Dairy Nepal not only focuses on promoting a vegan lifestyle but also believes in making this planet a much better place for everyone, including animals.

I opted for almond milk and pineapple honey from Vegan Dairy Nepal to kickstart my vegan lifestyle and I couldn’t have chosen better. The almond milk was creamy, slightly sweet but not too sugary and is meant to keep your heart healthy, bones strong and your skin glowing. What else do you need? The pineapple honey comes in this cute container and is made out of fresh pineapple and brown sugar. It’s sweet, rich and tastes insanely good on pancakes and my favorite brown bread. I wouldn’t say that it has the exact same flavor but then again I have fooled my brothers for a month into having a healthier option to honey every morning. And if I close my eyes, I’d swear that this 100% vegan pineapple honey from Vegan Dairy Nepal is real honey.

You can find their products online on Facebook and Instagram, Evoke Restaurant, Farmers Mart, Places Restaurant and at an online store called Marché Éthique Foods for both Nepal and Singapore. Soon their products will be available at Evoke Cafe, Pokhara. If vegan products are this flavorful then I totally say Go Vegan!