Sip on a drink while you bring out the artist within you.

Have you ever struggled to think of something fun and new to do during the holidays? Well, we’ve found the perfect thing for you, single,couple, or group of friend—paint while you sip on wine, and socialize with new people. 

House of Palettes is a concept that was initiated by a girl who travelled a lot. Neha Agarwal opened House of Palettes two years ago, because she had the time and wanted to make some pocket money. She later got married and left town to settle abroad. Rahul Agarwal had helped her right from the start, and shutting it down wasn’t even a question that came up. Kohinoor Singh Agarwal also came into the picture then, and the two continued to take House of Palettes forward.

Their first studio was above the Workshop Café at Lalitpur. They were there for a year, and then Evoke approached the duo to show them their location. Rahul says, “I fell in love with this studio then and there, and it’s been a week since we’ve shifted. We plan on staying here till Evoke is alive. The concept of drinking and painting is new here. You can come out on a weekday, sit by yourself, and paint while sipping on a glass of wine. It’s refreshing. Or, come with a group of friends to celebrate, and bring out the inner talent in you, and you can do that with beer!”

Everyone has an artist in them. Even if you think you can’t make a straight line without the help of a ruler. You also have a memory to take back home after having a good time all day. It’s about creating memories and learning a thing or two. They have professional artists to guide you through your painting. And for those for whom this location is far, fret not, because they are working on expanding to a new location in Kathmandu, as well as in Pokhara.

Their studio is at Evoke Café and Bistro, Lalitpur, which also offers a sharing workspace. Evoke has a bar, and besides House of Palettes, it also has The Local Project Nepal,  Stem Bike Shop, The Platform Inc. and Ink provised Tattoo. You can spend an entire day at Evoke and not get bored. Something for everyone!