Ace Annual Drama, which was introduced as a new concept in 2013, has proved to be a great platform for young aspiring artists to showcase their talents, and has been successfully running since then. It is back again with a vision to introduce artists keen on drama and theater to a bigger stage and give continuation to the culture of promoting their event management and artistic skills.

This year, Ace Annual Drama 2018 features a drama with an innovative title, Muglan, which is a tragic love story based on the difficulties created by the financial difference between the characters. Directed by I.P. Acharya, the story is set in a village and aims to target different social issues in the society and present them in a very humorous way. The event is all set to be held on August 26, 2018, from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm at RastriyaNaachGhar, Jamal, and is priced at Rs.200 for the show. This year, the event expects to garner a larger audience.

Aprilia has announced itself as the official sponsor, while the event is also supported by Beyond Boundaries and Explosion Energy Drinks. The other sponsors include The Last Friday Bar and Grill as the food partner, Pals Beauty Salon as the make-up partner, and FcubeCinems and Cine de Chef as the theater partners. Ace Annual Drama has proved its competency in the past and had notable names like Deepak Raj Giri and SubinBhattarai as their chief guests. Even this year, the audience will get to witness the same thrill and excitement with some top-notch public figures.

Solely organized by the students of Ace Institute of Management, right from preparing the script to performing in the act, Ace Annual Drama also aims to address various issues like the current education system in Nepal, along with the societal ills. The act will not only portray the important subjects necessary to be discussed, but will at the same time entertain the audience with its humorous dialogues.