My experience in Kathmandu was magical. I’ve gained so much insight on life and culture here, which I will be able to use in my future works. One thing that really stuck out time here is how women are perceived, and how they have so much responsibility. I plan to touch on that subject in a few pieces I am working on currently. There was so muchto take in after the Micro Galleries opening weekend that I needed to get straight down to it in creating new works. Micro Galleries provided us with such an eye-opening experience of this beautiful city. I’m anxious to see what MG will have for us next year. Being able to collaborate with such talented artists from around the world to create something for the community here left a great feeling in me. Besides learning about the culture here, I also had a chance to learn about other international artists’ cultures.

There were struggles, which are expected, but all of it led to an educational experience.

Nepali people are some of the most beautiful people I have come in contact with. Their culture and their looks and style are all so captivating. In the short time I have spent here in Patan, I have adopted certain small aspects of the culture. I and a few other artists fell in love with the wool scarves you can get at most stands in the market areas. I bought two of them. We would wear them as masks around the city. I’ve grown to also love the cuisine here. I thought I’d turn into a momo by the weekend! I’ve probably eaten my weight in momos and samosas here.

The best part about this experience was learning a new skill set. I have somewhat of a background in street art, but never had the chance to learn the wheat-pasting technique, though I wanted to get into it years ago. Coming out here, the only way I could put up my collage works was with wheat paste. I was forced to learn something I had wanted to learn for years. It was an exhilarating feeling seeing my work go up in full detail, scaled to a much larger size than I’m used to. I cannot wait to go back to Los Angeles to wheat-paste more works.