The Baristas Coffee School

About to complete a year, the Baristas Coffee School is owned by a self-taught latte art enthusiast, Manoj Shahi, a former barista for the Baristas. They take classes for beginners, where basic information, along with the technical aspects of becoming a Barista, is taught. Students learn about brewing about 20 beverages, hot and cold, within a span of two weeks. They take theory classes, coffee tasting classes, and practical classes. And, towards the end, the baristas are taught the easiest latte arts like the heart, tulip, and rosetta. So far, 37 batches of approximately 350 students have successfully completed their course and learned the tricks and trade of becoming a barista. They even provide private, one-on-one sessions for those interested. And soon, they are planning to give classes focusing just on latte art. Manoj made the face and a rose for us with such ease and confidence, it was really very exciting to see the master behind the coffee classes here.

Boona Beanz

The café was started by a group of three friends, Sajan Shreemali, Saurav Dhungel, and Manoj Koirala at the end of last year. They wanted to tap into the increasing coffee trend that is being seen in the capital, focusing on the coffee-conscious local consumers. Their price range is on the lower side, so that groups of friends just like them can come relax and drink a cup of coffee or two. Their main focus is on serving their customers coffee that will uplift their mood, not just taste-wise, but even the way it is presented. The café has a fine art gallery, and they also provide barista training. Boona Beanz is opening another café in Patan soon, which just shows their increasing demand and popularity. Saroj Shrestha, the in-house barista and trainer, showed us the swan and a snowman on his latte. The snowman latte art was simply adorable, and even featured on my Instagram page.

Kaffeine Coffee School

With an aim to contribute to the current coffee ecosystem, Kaffeine, which started out as a café, began a coffee school so as to provide the best in coffee education in the country. They provide two types of classes, one for beginners, where they teach the basics of becoming a barista, and another, where they provide advanced level training, focusing on latte arts. The classes are both for a period of two weeks each, and on completion, a certificate is provided to the student. The students then are able to gain practical knowledge, as they have to serve at the Kaffeine Café. This way, they understand the consumers’ needs and also get to experience serving. The latte art we saw here were made by the students in the beginner’s class, they presented a heart, tulip, and rosetta. All of them had such finesse.


Coffee Pasal

Coffee Pasal is a centrally located café at Durbarmarg making it one of the most popular coffee haunts around town even though it is not very old. They serve coffee that is only locally produced and brewed. They also serve an eclectic choice of food options. Coffee Pasal is good place to hang out with your friends or to carry out an important business meeting, all over a cup of coffee. The café also has a mini mart in which they sell locally produced coffee and tea at market price. The latte art we saw here was a double tulip. It was extremely carefully done with great finesse