Anyone can be a chef, and with a little flair for cooking, you can make these recipes quickly. So if you are bored of just using your phones, why not entertain yourself and cook these simple, easy recipes to surprise your friends or family, or take some pictures for your Instagram; who knows you might be the next Masterchef, or discover some new potential.


What you need:

  • 2 cups of flour, 1 table spoon of baking powder, 1 cup sugar, 500 ml milk, 3 eggs, baking cups or baking paper and a cupcake tray.
  • Combine the dry ingredients first, mix them properly, and then boil the milk and let it cool down. Add the milk and add eggs to the dry ingredients, stir and let it rest for a minute. Throw in some cocoa powder, chocolate chips, or fruit if you want to be fancy.
  • Oil the cupcake tray. Start laying out the baking cups in the cupcake tray or cut out pieces from the baking paper and place them inside the cupcake tray.
  • Pour the ingredients in, keeping the level slightly below the top of the cupcake tray.
  • Put it in an oven and bake at 180°C for 22 minutes.
  • After it is done, take out the tray and let it rest for few minutes before taking out your cupcakes.

Aloo Dum


  • Gather some potato, chili powder, onions, tomatoes and salt.
  • Boil the potatoes, adding some chili powder to the water; peel the potatoes after they are done.
  • Dice the potatoes in 4-6 pieces. Add some oil to a frying pan and throw in some grated onions and tomatoes and also some chili; let this cook for a minute or so and to end throw in the diced, boiled potatoes.
  • Mix well, until everything is distributed and the potatoes are evenly coated. Cook for 2-3 minutes, mixing if needed. Add some salt to taste, and now it’s ready to be served.

Apple Smoothie


  • Grab some apples, yogurt, and a small cup of water.
  • Cut the apples into 5-6 pieces and throw them in the blender; now add the yogurt and some water.
  • Start blending and let it mix well, you can also add some ice cubes if you want a chilled drink.
  • Pour it in a cup and there you have it, quick and easy drink, and on top of that it’s healthy. You can also try this with other fruits such as strawberries, bananas, watermelon and so on.