Ever had those days when you’re sitting at your office or home, thinking what to have because you’re eating the same food every day from the same places near you? We feel you. One’s locality gives limited options and dulls our palates over time. Furthermore, with hectic work hours, we tend to skip meals subconsciously and it takes a toll on our health over time.

BHOJ Express Meal is specially tailored to individuals with limited time to decide on what to eat. With variety of Express Meals that range from commonly eaten foods and cuisines to healthy options, Express Meals give foodies an option to explore and taste different foods every day at their own convenience, saving them the time and effort to find a decent meal amidst their busy schedule.

Budget meals are often misperceived as not filling and BHOJ Express Meals prove the misconception wrong by providing tasty and filling meals at an affordable price tag of just Rs.150. Taking into consideration that not everyone has the same taste buds and that people don’t always crave a single item for a meal, Express Meals cover a wide variety of crowd favorites, mostly in combos, such as Burger & Momo, Chicken Chilly & Fried Rice, Chowmein & Momo, Salad & Juice, Pizzas, Sandwiches, and even Thai and Chinese foods. Below are some of the widely appreciated Express Meals from their restaurant partners.

Chicken Station

Chicken Station offers an amazing combo of Burgers and Momos as who doesn’t love these, right? Another delicious combo includes their famous Rice Bowl with Momo that is loved by all ages.


Naulo Special Combos include our all-time favorite Momos, Chowmein/Fried Rice and Aloo Chilly, all in a combo. This speaks to the Nepalese crowd the most, as it consists all the typical meals one usually has for khaja.

Sun Spot Cafe

Chicken Chilly is probably one of the most common Nepali snacks that’s enjoyed by all. Sun Spot Café’s Chicken Chilly with Fried Rice combo easily fills you up and makes both your heart and stomach happy.

Impasto Pizzeria

This one’s for the pizza lovers. There is no denying that Impasto Pizzeria serves one of the best pizzas in town, and with Express Meals, we get to taste the quality of their pizzas in mini versions. These Mini Pizzas come in both non- veg options such as Chicken and Salami, and veg options like Mushroom and Spinach. Tasty and filling, one simply can’t say no to mini pizzas, even if you are not a huge fan.

Wok Up Thai Inspired Kitchen

Thai food lovers will be thrilled to find Chicken Kraprow and Khao Pad Tom Yum at this price, as normally, Thai Cuisines are priced relatively higher. Despite that, there is no compromise on the quality of the food.

Calories Café

Budget-friendly meals don’t have to bland or unhealthy. One such Express Meal from Calories Café comes with a glorious mix of delicious Chicken/Veg Salad and fresh Watermelon Juice, which is perfect for health enthusiasts.

To avoid skipping meals altogether because of hectic work hours, one can easily set the delivery time in the BHOJ app ahead, or order for their loved ones so they don’t forget to eat in their busy schedules. With no minimum order and FREE Delivery for orders above Rs.1000, BHOJ Express Meal makes for a perfect single serve meal or with your friends so you save valuable time and money with it.

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