Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to bask in the sun, play with nature, and also, brighten up your home to get the spring mode on. Fr!day talked to Pratiksha Shrestha, architect and interior designer of Green Design Associates Pvt. Ltd., for quick tips and measures on how to make your room ready for the spring season.

Wooden Decor Panels and Walls

With the measured approach of minimalism and contemporary style with fine and simple designs, working with warm wooden decor panels and walls is a dynamic approach to brighten up the room. The bespoke wooden panels are used in many settings and can be created in any color, providing bursts of color that will stand out fabulously.


Your space needs to speak who you are and scream your personality and energy. So, use subtle colors for the walls and the furniture and play with colors with the decorative items, pillows, and cushions. Choosing two colors and working within their palettes is the ideal way to decorate your walls.

Mirror Placement

Another tip for brightening up your room is that you can place a mirror opposite your window view, which will reflect the outside and contrive another illusory kind of ‘outside’, ultimately making your room brighter and more spacious.


Accessories like rugs, cushions, throws, and pillows should be of different colors than the walls and furniture for a pop of color in your room. Make sure the accessories are of suitable sizes and shapes according to the room size.


Another excellent way to brighten up a room is to incorporate more light into your décor. Adding scones with bright lights to your walls is a great way. The scones should aim upward and downwards in order to reflect the most light into the room.


Plants are great space breakers. They bring natural light and life to any room. To bring more light to a room, you want to place smaller plants in areas that seem too dark. Also, plants come in different colors as well, so incorporate them into your décor as per the theme of your room.