So you are fed up of getting dressed and hopping bars on weekends? Or, are you a grown-up drinker who loves chilling out with friends over a drink at home instead of bars! So, what next? Set up your home bar, and bring happiness home!

The trendiest songs play in the background, the place is jammed with well-dressed and good looking people, everyone grooves to the music with a drink in their hands, and the night just gets younger! Bar hopping is one of the most prominent night cultures today, and why would it not be, when it is always enjoyable to be surrounded by people you are fond of, holding your favorite drinks, and grooving to the amazing music, while the bartender shows off his flair. But, every day is not Friday, and pocket constraints tend to limit us. However, a scholar has rightly quoted, “Where there is a will, there is a way!” So, why wait for weekends and paydays to bar hop? Why not bring happiness home? Also, when you decide you aren't frequenting the bar, instead having your friends come over for drinks, it high time you have your own mini bar at home. 

Setting up your own mini bar at home is a solution to your entire bar concerns. Instead of spending a lot of money on service charges and over-the-top expensive food, setting up your own small bar at home can do wonders by saving you a lot of money, besides making a lot of your friends happy. It requires a clear concept, some capital, and loads of creativity, and once you have accomplished all three, voila! The bar is open 24 hours for you. 


Get expert advice
Research is crucial before you start anything on your own. When creating your own bar at home, make sure to find answers of what you loved most about the bars you hopped. What did you like about them?  Why did some feel like home?  What kept you going back?  What were your favorite drinks? Knowing what you like will help you plan your bar. Once you decide on making your own mini bar at home, it is always a good idea to seek some expert advice. And, who better than the bartender you have cried or spewed in front of. You can talk to him and get his insights on the musts of a bar. There is a good chance he will tell you about that secret ingredient he has been mixing in your favorite cocktail.

DIY furniture
The whole concept of setting up a bar at home is to save money. Hence, 
make sure you are not spending too much on furnishing. You can reuse old book racks, or even old kitchen racks as your booze rack. Make the most of your furnishings by repurposing pieces into custom creations that look good.  You should be wise in choosing the area and space of your bar. Make sure your bar is accessible and not hidden from your guests, unless it is a personal bar and you are a lone drinker. It is also preferable to have chairs at the bar, but not compulsory if it is located anywhere near your living room.

Stocking up
If you are making a home bar from a scratch, it is obvious for you to be very specific when it comes to choosing liquor, since they are very expensive. You can always make your choices more accessible and budget-friendly. The basics might include: 1. whisky, 2. bourbon, 3. gin, 4. rum, 5. vodka, and 6. tequila. Apart from these basics, there is an array of booze you can stock up in your rack. If you are on the tighter side of the budget, you can gradually add on other items once you have stocked up on the basics.

The bar tools
It is always not necessary that you have all the tools in your bar, but it's wise enough to have many of these items on hand so you are not an unprepared host. These are the five must-have starter bar tools: cocktail shaker, strainer, corkscrew, bottle opener, and blender.

The glassware
Glassware definitely makes it on top of the to-buy list when setting up your own bar. You wouldn't want to serve your friends wine in a champagne flute. Every drink has its own glass. Among the basic glasses you will need in your mini bar are: wine and champagne glasses, hi-ball glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses, tasting glasses, flasks, beer holders, beverage dispensers, and pitchers and punchbowls. Adding these glassware to you bar adds to the sophistication of your bar, thus making you a prepared host.