A warm fuzzy feeling is usuallyadjunctive to sweet. Likewise, good deeds, a good person, or a good day, everything that is related with good is often given this title. So,it’s obvious that this Month of Love deserves every bit of the delight. Talking about all this sweetness and love might make me diabetic, but not until that last bite of the chocolate. ‘Cause its February, and Iain’t going down without that last bite!

What’s in it?

Most people confuse chocolate with junk food, but the actual thing in confectionaries is junk, that which is made out of only sugar. Another disagreement would be chocolate being considered as kid’s food, when most advantages can be obtained for adults rather than for kids. Correctly prepared organic chocolate has good amount of nutrition, and among its many health benefits are blood pressure control,enhancement of heart and skin health, and brain development. It also contains antioxidants.

You should know

We’ve all been addicted to the enchantment of chocolates for ages, since its invention some 3,000 years ago.They say that it was an accidental invention made when the Aztecs were trying to make a foamy beverage, almost similar to the beerof today. Made from cacao seeds, which were believed to be a gift from the god of wisdom, the beverage was used for medicinal purposes back then, as an energy booster,and forcuringfertility related health disorders.
Besides the balanced taste of sweet and bitter, the roots of chocolate points towards wellness and health. However, what we shouldn’t forget is that too much of everything is bad, such as cavities and dental problems caused by too much chocolate. Keeping that in mind, let’s move on to the main point.

For your fantasy

The most impressive power of chocolate is that it gives that “feel good” feeling when you eat them. Chocolate contains the same chemical that is responsible for releasing the pleasure hormones in the brain. This is one of the reasons why people have chocolate cravings.
Apart for direct activation of pleasure hormones, due to the presence of amino acidsthat increase blood flow, chocolate helps activate and improve performance between the sheets. Dark chocolate, especially, and that too organically made, improves sperm motility and increases itsvolume and count, thus increasing male fertility. This also somewhat improves the relationship, hmm?
Due to all the benefits, there is also the possibility of chocolate increasing your lifespan, so you can live longer and fantasize more.

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