Nothing beats the summertime heat wave like a cool and refreshing beverage, whether it be shakes, juices, or cold coffee. Friday stopped at Greasy Spoon, a multi-cuisine eatery located at New Baneshwor that boasts a modern and cozy vibe, and is a mixture of a bar, cafe, and bakery, making it very convenient for customers. New to the Kathmandu scene, this chain restaurant has its main outlet in Sauraha, and promises sumptuous dishes in big portions, and boy, do they deliver! “Nothing is more refreshing in summer than our ice cream shakes and cold coffee,” says Saroj Shrestha, the young barista, while making me my glass of freshness.

On his recommendation, we tried the special and bestselling cold drinks at Greasy spoon, which were really very refreshing and delicious. Made with the richness of choco syrup and double shots of espresso and milk, Mocha Frappe was definitely the star for a coffee lover like myself. Topped with a massive amount of ice cream and whipped cream, Mocha Frappe doesn’t only taste good, but is also super aesthetic enough to have its picture posted on your Instagram feed. Also, coffee is known to fight off depression, reduce muscle pain, and increase stamina, all the while keeping you cool headed and recharged.

However, those who are not fans of coffee-infused drinks can surely sip off the summer heat with the wide range of shakes on offer. Saroj added a fruit boost to his amazing shakes lineup by blending juicy ice cream shakes to create a treat that screams summertime. The bestselling milkshake option for many is the Banana Berry Shake, a perfect blend of banana, strawberry ice cream, strawberry syrup, and curd, which is deliciously fresh and makes sure you savor every sip. Banana Berry Shake is the kind of milkshake that is sweet enough to make you crave for more. To go with your cold drink, you can also order a variety of bakery items, from pastries, cupcakes, and muffins to hot brownies. Their bakery delights include Hot Chocolate Brownie, Choco Chip Danish, Cheese Pastry, English Muffin, and much more. Greasy Spoon is definitely a one-stop solution for the upcoming summer season to quench your sugar rush, and great for hanging out with your family, friends, and those young at heart.