Passionate about creating tasteful coffee art, Dhan Tamang is a six-time Latte Art Champion in the UK, who also has been actively running coffee shops and a coffee school, DT Coffee School in England. Friday talked to him about his barista journey and ongoing plans.

How did you get into coffee making?

About 12 years ago, I went to Kuwait to work as a barista, without any formal training whatsoever. At that time, I thought that making coffee was simply mixing powder milk and coffee, but there I realized coffee making was much more than that. For two and half months, getting a job as a barista was a challenge for me, I had to read a lot, practice a lot, and in 2007, I was recognized as the best barista of the year within the company, which motivated me immensely to further hone my skills, and the rest is history. Now, I am a six-time Latte Art Champion in the UK (2013- 2018), and an author of a book named Coffee Art, which is available in six languages, and I also run various coffee shops and a coffee school called DT Coffee School in Winchester, England.

Top tips for home coffee makers?

Buy quality fresh beans, invest in some quality kit, especially a good hand grinder, practice, and simply, taste.

What drives you, as a coffee professional, to always work harder and be a better barista?

The people that I meet on a daily basis through the art of coffee making are my driving force. In the twelve years of my journey as a barista, I meet hundreds of people every day, who recognize me for my coffee and are always so welcoming. Interacting with them, and the desire to have them embrace the overall coffee culture, makes me want to be a better barista.

If you have to recommend one coffee drink to our readers, what would it be?

Personally, I love filter coffee, so I would say the same. Filter coffee is a very light coffee drink that’s liked by most people.

What’s in your pipeline of future plans?

I have always wanted to promote coffee culture in Nepal and had been looking for people with a similar vision. That’s when I met two passionate and humble individuals, Kumud Singh and Rabindra Shrestha, of Kathmandu Coffee Express, and now I am planning on opening a coffee shop by collaborating with them.