With Holi, the festival of colors, just round the corner, here are a few things to keep in mind for celebrating the festival in a happy and fun way.


  • Use organic colors, so as not to irritate your skin. Only use colors that are easily washable from your skin and hair.
  • Ensure that you are playing in a group of friends and families and ones you are familiar with. Never go berserk while playing colors. Try to avoid getting close to unknown people playing Holi.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, or if you don’t have one on hand, make sure to cover your eyes when color is being rubbed on your face.
  • Keep your valuables, such as phone and camera, in a safe place while playing. Make sure to put them in ziplog bags to avoid any damage.


  • Avoid roaming around the streets with colors all over your body for a long time. Your skin might get parched as the colors get dried.
  • Holi is not for everyone, and everyone may not like playing Holi. . Don’t force anyone to participate. It is not necessary that everyone is enthusiastic about the festival as you are.
  • Make it mandated to keep pets and stray animals away from your Holi celebrations. Holi colors can be very harmful to their skin if not washed shortly.
  • Go slow on the booze. It’s Holi, and enjoying booze or bhaang is considered the norm. But, keep the intake in control, so that you don’t cause any mishaps during the festival.