"Fashion philosophy is, if you're not covered in dog hair, your life is empty," says Sydney Gurung.It has not been long since cynophilists—a word that means lover of dogs—Sujit Poon Magar and Sydney started the project FADE. Starting from the mid of September this year, the duo have been feeding street dogs ever single day.

"We believe that this project has made an impact among youngsters," Sydney lets us know.“As of now, we are happy that we’ve been able to inspire these youngsters in doing something good for the street dogs."
They have a few strategies and amendments to make this project a big hit, which in this case is providing the stray dogs with proper meals and proper shelter. As of now, they would like their strategies to be hidden, since they are yet to reach a conclusion.

Regardless, this Kukur Tihar, they are planning to feed the stray dogs a super healthy, delicious, and heavenly meal. Since it’s their special day, the 'Feed a Dog Everyday' team would like all the interested cynophilists to be a part of this event, which they will soon be updating everyone through their Instagram account,@project_fade.

Until then, there are a few reminders the duo wants to share. They would like people to be aware about how tika is not good for dogs' skins. The most one can do to celebrate Kukur Tihar, they say, is by giving them a warm hug and feeding them a proper meal, all with love.

On days other than Kukur Tihar, maintaining optimal hydration is important for health and energy; always keep fresh water in reach of the dogs. Remember to provide healthy treats, rather than table scraps, as rewards.

Sujit specially notes that there are several reasons a dog will bite. More often than not, a dog will bite out of fear, rather than aggression, she tells us. Dogs that feel threatened will respond by biting as a self-defense mechanism. Avoiding eye contact and trying not to smile is the way to go. When you smile at a scared dog, it'll think you're bearing your teeth at it. Remain calm, don’t run, and just treat them with kindness.

"Try to communicate with the dogs and build a relationship with them, as dogs are social creatures, they are to be communicated with to understand the patterns," he says."Treat them with love, and they’ll remember you as their guardian angel.”