Flat White at The Coffee Lounge

The Coffee Lounge, a newly-opened café, has introduced Flat White in Nepal.

Text by Shreeti Pandey

Nepal's coffee culture has developed so dramatically that a cup of coffee has become a necessary part of daily routine for many. “Let's go for a cup of tea” has suddenly changed to “let's go for a cup of coffee”. With the mission of further enhancing this culture, The Coffee Lounge was established by Dinesh Sthapit and Rahul Shakya.

Sthapit has always been a big enthusiast of coffee. After returning from his long stay in the U.K., he visited a number of coffee shops in Kathmandu, but could not find that charm of a café as per his liking. The thought of bringing the style of cafes popular in the U.K. to Nepal thus led to the establishment of The Coffee Lounge. Located in the heart of Kathmandu, Durbar Marg, it has a joyful environment, with friendly staff and good music playing in the background.

So, what is the main charm of this café, and what is so different here? When asked, the answer was, Flat White, which will no doubt be a completely different coffee experience for many. Flat White is a newly-developed coffee that is kind of similar to cappuccino and latte, but has a lot less milk than a typical latte, and less froth than cappuccino.

If espresso shot is topped by 95% of milk, it becomes latte, whereas cappuccino is all about froth. When 75% is 

milk and 25% is froth, that's the Flat White. In The Coffee Lounge, Flat White is served in three different sizes: small (8 ounce) with two shots of espresso, regular (12 ounce) with two- and-half shots of espresso, and large (16 ounce) with three shots of espresso.

The main reason for Flat White being different from other coffee is the beans used in its making, a blend of Robusta and Arabica that’s medium dark-roasted. Flat White has a normal coffee color, but when you drink it, it has a totally different essence of coffee.

With small kiosks and big outlets in Labim Mall, Chaya Center, and Durbar Marg, respectively, The Coffee Lounge is set to add to the already vibrant coffee culture of the valley. To complement its coffees, The Coffee Lounge also serves up freshly-made artisan sandwiches every morning. With a menu that changes with the season, customers can enjoy new dishes every season of the year. The Coffee Lounge is a great addition to the many cafes of the valley.

The Coffee Lounge is located at Durbar Marg. Other outlets will be opened soon.