With countless social media accounts and posts dedicated entirely to food, it has now become much more convenient for everyone to just go through these and find a place to eat tonight with friends or family, or a choice for your next date spot. It’s safe to say that Instagram is strongly influencing the culinary industry. Fr!day brings you the Instagram food feeds to follow that keep up to date with regular content and a fresh perspective.


With 34.2k followers, foods.nepal is a must-follow account for delectable dining in the valley’s local restaurants. The creator of this account, Abhishek, is a Chartered Accountant student who has an unconditional love for food and everything that comes with it. This passion for food started when he would assist his mother in the kitchen as a child. “I was my mom’s sous chef; she would teach me all the basics of preparing meals. That’s how I grew more into loving the whole idea of food and even cooking.” foods.nepal now is a platform where the blogger not only posts reviews of eating out, but also his own homemade recipes.


This particular account is a source of joy for all the vegetarians in town. Jeannie says she opened this account just because she had a lot of food pictures on her phone that she wanted to share and when people started following and supporting her, she ended up updating her posts regularly. veggiedelightnp is a great feed for those who want to find healthier food options and kickstart their vegetarian lifestyle. Her feed aims to encourage people that plant based meals aren’t boring at all, and that it is easy to be a vegetarian with so many food options around.


While not a traditional food blog, Prashanta Khanal, the force behind the blog, started thegundruk because he found that information on diverse cuisines from Nepal’s ethnic communities was scarce. “People think that Nepali food is basically just dal bhat tarkari and momo, which is absolutely wrong,” says Prashanta. His feed is very informative and works to promote traditional foods of Nepal and the Nepali food culture. In his blog thegundruk, you can find information on herbs and spices of Nepal, and local places to eat great food, including recipes of our ethnic cuisine.

Tips For The Perfect Food Snap

Focus. Keep your phone steady to avoid shaking and focus on the most enticing detail.

Plating. Taking the picture in an aesthetically pleasing way is the key. Ruffle some napkins, play around with cutlery or add some extra garnishes.

Shoot in natural light. Using flash often destroys the color balance of the food so always try to shoot in softer or natural lighting.

Try a different angle. Stand up and take a shot from above or duck down and meet your plate at an angle with the part of the food that you’re looking to emphasize.

Use an editing app. Color-correct images but don’t go overboard with filters and brightness.