When you hear "Friday Night", expectation is of an exploding night with drinks, food and music. But have you ever thought of dining in an elegant environment with burble of pool water and ethnic architecture? I would never deny it when the calling is from Dwarika Hotels and Resorts.  Apart from containing four restaurant outlets: Krishnarpan, Mako's, Toran, Fusion Bar, Kaiser Café and Patan Museum Café, Dwarika features an interesting Barbeque night where you can taste delicious barbeque along with variety of Nepali delicacies from 6 PM onwards priced 2300++ for Nepalese and Expats.

The evening started with an introduction with their team, and as always, we were warmly welcomed warmly. We were seated on a pool side surrounded by the courtyard of Dwarika. After a short introduction with the staff members and other guests, we moved on to the spot where all the varieties were being prepared. 

The barbeque night included crispy chicken, sausage, and boar barbeque along with many buffet of Newari cuisines including Baras, Chatamari, Dry Fish. And, you can also enjoy an ultimate Nepali Khana Set. Sel Roti was also a special dish that caught everyone's eye, and the dessert section displayed Cheese Cake, Apple Pie and Strawberry Moose with Caramel and Chocolate Sauce. We also munched in to their fruit salad, which was the first dish of the evening, and the special one, in my opinion, was the delicious vegetarian green momo.

When you enter the Dwarika hotel, you will find yourself in a completely different setting than the outside world. The true sense of Nepali architecture, and hospitality will give a homely feeling. Their Friday Nights are specially meant to give a taste of their prominence that express their four food principles: Organic, Local, Seasonal and Less Travelled. Following them, Dwarika Hotel's lavish barbeque spread is hosted to bring the locals together. Food is the main focus of Dwarika hotel, and they always prioritize to feed their guests with fresh, organic and local foods which are mostly grown at their own farms.

Every rice, lentils and flour varieties including buckwheat, millet, and wheat flours are grown in their lowland farm, which is set in the agricultural belt of Southern Nepal. Moreover, the salad, herbs, vegetables, fruits are also grown in the slanting terraces of their hill farm near Dhulikhel. Their top-notch hospitality left us  feeling loved, and respected. Never compromising on the quality and comfort of their guests, Dwarika also portrays the authentic spirit of Nepal. Dwarika Hotel's efforts to be unique, authentic , and exquisite in every aspect, and focus on catering their guests in the best way, while keeping the Nepalese vibe alive.