With Dashain around the corner, all of you fashionistas must be eager to elevate and flaunt your fashion game at the numerous gatherings and parties you will be attending. It is not a competition, but leaving a remarkable impression on the people around you with your festival fashion sense is definitely gratifying. While traditional style is the constant go-to for everyone during the festival season, the ever-evolving style trends are now requiring us to jazz it up too.
Putting together a whole outfit by fusing western pieces with traditional ones is a major fashion upgrade that is in vogue. Ethnic outfits are beautiful and combining them with western ensembles tastefully enhances their beauty. Such Indo-western fusion shows an impressive sense of style and the fresh look it gives is an absolute winner. So in light of that, here are a few tips if you’re thinking about trying this stylish trend this Dashain.
Experiment with your tops and bottoms. You can spice up your entire look just by switching the tops and bottoms of your traditional attire. While wearing a saree, instead of the normal blouse, you could pair it up with a chic crop top, shirt, bandeau top, off shoulder, cold shoulder and turtle-neck t-shirt or even wear a short kurti as a blouse (only if you can pull it off). You can switch up the cholis of your lehengas and give it a lighter touch with tank tops and halter tops. Similarly, swap the regular trousers of your kurtas and kurtis with jeans, palazzo pants or long skirts. 
Play with designs. Pulling off cool new designs will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. The ethnic look of a saree can get a modern touch with an in vogue Indo-western blouse, in fact there are myriad new and innovative designs you can incorporate in your blouses. You could come up with so many swanky neck lines, sleeve and back designs and even use an unconventional fabric like denim for your blouse. Ditch your normal kurtis and kurtas and replace them with different styles and silhouettes such as the c-cut, trail cut, asymmetrical, tail cut and shirt style and become a head turner.
Go creative with your accessories. Accessories play a huge part in enhancing your outfit, so when you go for the fusion look, you need to get creative with your accessories, too. Instead of wearing your usual golds and diamonds, go for beautiful silver, platinum or copper pieces or jewelry with brightly colored beads. Don’t shy away from huge statement necklaces, rings, bangles and earrings. Adding cool belts to your outfits also adds an oomph factor to your overall Indo-western look. 
Try different prints. Traditional prints and embroideries are very pretty but why not add funky patterns to your ethnic wear. Look for cool abstract prints and geometric patterns for your sarees and kurtas to set yourself apart from the usual.