Rasna Shrestha, the force behind Mu Ce, a clothing brand that has been actively working in the fashion world of Nepal since a decade. From ethnic, bridal wear to power dressing, Rasna does it all. Known best for the combination of grace, power, and elegance in her designs, she has been regularly showcasing her creations on international platforms and blazing the trail for the Nepali fashion industry to further shine internationally.

1. How did Mu Ce come into existence?

I have always been fascinated by the world of fashion, art, and culture. My hobby in arts and designs led me to choose fashion designing as my career choice, and fortunately, so far I have been able to follow my dream of creating unique yet versatile outfit designs, paying attention to style and comfort . I completed my Bachelors of Science in Fashion Designs from IEC, then introduced my own brand, Mu Ce, and have been engaged in this field since 2009.

2. Where does the inspiration come from?

My source of inspiration is endless and largely comes from world culture, nature, fashion trends, weather (seasons), moods, and many more things in the universe that are unlimited. Since fashion designing is my passion, every part of this journey of life feels like an exciting opportunity to learn and grow through fashion.

3. How does it feel to be able to represent our country on an international level?

So far, I have showcased my designs from Mu Ce in various fashion weeks and runways in cities like New York, Vancouver, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, and Turkey, and honestly, I couldn’t be any happier about the same fact. It’s always a great experience to showcase Nepal as a whole through my designs. I am always grateful for those experiences, which pushes me to move forward and make the Nepalese fashion industry known with my every step.

4. Your favorite color palettes for spring/summer?

I have been inclining towards various shades of pink and yellow that scream spring/ summer.

5. What does your recent AFWEU/ Fashion Week Istanbul collection constitutes of?

For the AFWEU (Africa Fashion Week Europe/ Asia Fashion Week Europe), I created some stylish winter wear for the collection. My source of inspiration for the theme is our own Himalayan fashion culture. The fabrics used are mostly silk brocade, which are quite popular among people from the Himalayan community.

6. What’s in the pipeline of dreams, and future plans?

My label, Mu Ce has been and will be serving designs that are creative, trendy, as well as something that goes han-in-hand with our country’s culture. I always believe in creating fresh and comfortable collections. So, I want Mu Ce to be synonym for Nepalese brand at International levels, offering unique, diverse, and comfortable fashion statements.