Here's to Moms-to-be and New Moms

So, you just found out that you will have a beautiful child in your arms pretty soon. It is a journey of excitement and nervousness, as I hear from my mom, as well as from my sisters, who are already mothers. That entire struggle you face during those months seems to be worth it when you hold your baby for the first time. Yes, a woman has to go through a lot during pregnancy and after childbirth. To overcome that pain with love and caring and sharing, Happy Mama's offers relief for new mothers and mothers-to-be.

Text By: Shreeti Pandey

Back in the earlier days, moving and exercising during pregnancy were not acceptable. Also, women would bear a child at a very early age, and they had to listen to hundreds of taboos from their elders that they had to follow anyhow. Even showing baby bumps was restricted, but now, society has become more accepting, and women are also bolder, freer, and more knowledgeable to make their own decisions. To support their independence and desire to walk out and stand out, antenatal trainer Dija Shrestha established Happy Mamas to give mothers-to-be and new mothers a joyful experience during pregnancy after birth. She runs Happy Mamas with her co-trainer Dr. Smrity Maskey, who is also a gynecologist and lecturer at Kist Medical College.

It’s definitely a hard time for future mothers to get through all that nausea, mood swings, and emotional instability. If you need a place where you can be around like-minded women in an environment that nurtures bonding, sharing, and understanding, then Happy Mamas is waiting for you. With various fitness plans for every trimester, which is again customized in terms of pre-pregnancy fitness background, Happy Mamas will stand by your side through every phase of pregnancy. Basically, they provide cardio exercises, which are really good for the heart, and strengthening exercises that are very helpful during labor. These physical activities are there to make your body strong and prepared for the due date, and they are followed by meditation and breathing exercises.

Happy Mamas also showers new mothers with fitness training sessions, love, care, and guidance. After childbirth, mothers feel fatigued and weak, for sure. Happy Mamas holds their hands by providing some rehabilitation care facilities, which are very important for recovery. Of course, every woman has a dream to look outstanding, so why can't a mother have that? Right? Happy Mamas trains new moms to get the physique they have always wanted, starting with rehabilitation, phase-wise post-natal classes, and ultimately, they step up to weight-loss programs and diet counseling, followed by general fitness programs.

It's obvious that the more stress-free and happy you are, happier is your baby. In addition to excellent fitness training, Happy Mamas has not compromised on spreading laughter and joy in their classes. They listen to you, love you, and help you to overcome any drawbacks you may have during pregnancy and after childbirth.