The history of indoor sports dates back to centuries when people played games to keep themselves amused. Still today,when darkness or bad weather prevent you from moving outside, indoor games help.

Monsoon can make it difficult for avid sports people to keep up with their fitness regimens. Outdoor, adventurous activities, especially, will be compromised. Apart from staying fit, we know that it is the love for sports that drives you, and this should never be compromised. Of course, going to the gym is always an option, but sports is about more than building muscle and stamina. Sports is more than running on a machine and lifting a few weights. It is the thrill of competition, and personal achievement, and this monsoon, we want to make sure you don’t miss out on that. Also, if you planned on making sports a habit this summer, don’t let the monsoon stop you. With the endless rain washing away the possibilities of long day hikes or swimming sessions, we have compiled a list of indoor sports and where to find them in Kathmandu this summer.

This monsoon, visit one of the many archery ranges in Kathmandu to find your inner Katniss Everdeen. Archery is a great sport to do, both individually and as a group, and can also be a way of making new friends. Strengthen your competitive spark without it being dampened by the rain.

Taking taekwondo classes could be a great way to spend your time this summer. For those who have never tried it before, taekwondo would be a great way to get in some exercise while learning a new skill that may come in useful, and can definitely be used as a conversation starter.

Indoor Climbing Wall
For the adventurers out there who cannot go rock climbing due to the weather, an indoor climbing wall is the perfect solution. Wall climbing and bouldering in sheltered areas are on offer, as well as a range of levels of difficulty you can choose from, based on your experience. For those who have never tried the activity before, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Learn a new skill or hone existing ones in a friendly atmosphere, sheltered from the rain.

With its increasing popularity, futsal fields can now be found across Kathmandu. Perfect for amiable competition, futsal offers a sheltered space for footballers to practice their skills, and can double as a day out with friends. As well as this, you can forge a new network of people with the same interests as you. The activity is perfect for social purposes, sports, and staying dry while you’re at it.

Kathmandu’s indoor basketball courts offer sport, sportsmanship, and a social network. Here you can meet new people, while playing a game you love, in friendly competition. The space can be used simply for recreational purposes, playing a game with your friends, or to perfect your basketball techniques by using them in game situations.

Use your time this summer to learn a new form of combat sport. Kickboxing has risen in popularity, and for good reason. It provides an intense workout, while also instilling a sense of strength and confidence in you. The fact that classes can be held in sheltered studios is a bonus, as this makes it the ideal activity for this monsoon.

Stretch your limbs with some light activity this summer on Kathmandu’s indoor badminton courts. Playing badminton recreationally is fun,not very physically taxing, and therefore, the perfect activity for you and your friends to do together while staying out of the rain. 

Squash can be used as your intense activity for the day, keeping you fit and healthy, while also being an exciting activity to look forward to. The game is perfect for tennis enthusiasts whose courts have been flooded by the monsoon rains, as also for anyone else seeking a fun and competitive activity this summer.

Rock climbing (Astrek, Thamel)
Futsal (Hardik. Dhobighat. Royal Futsal, etc.)
Archery (The Best Archery, Jhamsikhel)
Taekwondo (Yeti Taekwondo Dojang)
Squash (Bluestar hotel)
Kickboxing (Core Studio)
Badminton (Bulls Club)