The annual NADA Auto Show kicked off with great zeal and enthusiasm, enthralling each and every visitor with the marvellous range of stalls put up on the show. The stalls left no stones unturned when it came to showcasing the best of the best be it the magnificent cars, splendid bikes or the useful automobile gears and parts.



The Be(A)st was unleashed at NADA Auto Show 2016 when Jagadamba Motors – TVS launched their most-awaited Apache RTR200 4V in a grand manner. The TVS stall attracted a great amount of visitors with their one of a kind concept that surely made the racing themed stall stand out from the rest. With 3 Apache RTRs hanging upside down on the ceiling and gazing down on you as you enter the splendid stall, and beautiful models lounging around the bike. TVS made sure to enthral each and every visitor at the stall. The stall itself gave off an essence of a cave that held a ‘beast’, in this case the Apache RTR200 4V. The dark yet illuminated stall also consisted of TVS Zest scooter put on a studded podium. TVS surely did bring their A game at this year’s NADA Auto Show.



Another impressive stall at this year’s Auto Show was the ever lively and vivacious stall of KTM, with their trademark colours, black and orange, giving them a unique appeal of their own. Gorgeous foreign models beautified the stall as they modelled around the bikes showcased at the stall. The Dukes and RCs were hung to give the stall a dramatic appeal, giving off an adventurous and daring vibe the bikes hold. The setup of the stall reminded one of a highly stylish and chic garage where only cool kids hung out, making the KTM one of the coolest stalls at the NADA Auto Show.


The Bajaj showroom comprised of two separate lanes boarding Bajaj V and Bajaj Avenger on display. Dim and cool-coloured lightings created a pleasing atmosphere here at the showroom. The Himalayan highway as the background, the stall truly gave off a biker feel.  Commodious in space, the showroom was able to hold and welcome as many viewers as possible within the two platforms and enough for the female models to flaunt the bikes and hand out the flyers. Strategically chosen, the decors were understated and effortless that contributed to avoid distractions and made sure that eyes were on their products; the glamour and flair of the motorbikes were enough to overshadow the interiors. The Bajaj showroom went down to the real deal: brandishing their masterpieces.


Was it a Comic-Con? Was it a Comcoscos? No, it was the astounding Vespa stall at 2016 NADA Auto Show. Vespa, a brand known for its animated and peppy vibe, brought on something new and exciting to NADA Auto Show 2016 with a unique comic book characters themed Vespa Design Studio. The Vespa stall surely brought out the child in every visitor with their favourite comic book superheroes coming to life through the creatively decorated Vespa scooters. Also the added theme was of various new Vespa scooters that had been coloured and was being coloured during the Auto Show. All eyes were on the Captain America Vespa which stood tall and proud among the rest. The unique Vespas each portraying a superhero made sure to save the day at the auto show by delighting almost each and every person that visited the stall.


With every stall coming up with a new concept at this year’s NADA Auto Show, Yamaha, a massive Japanese auto company, was not far behind with a thoughtful way of attracting the ongoing guests of the auto show to their stall. Very much relying on the conception that people with a knack for bikes are usually bound to have somewhat interest in gaming, Yamaha conducted a Moto GP Xbox game session to attract visitors who not only got to see the products put on display but got to have an enjoyable time at the stall as well. A new scooter of the name Cygnus Ray- ZR was launched at the auto show with its distinctive key features appealing to the visitors. The blue and white themed stall with the models dressed in edgy outfits gave off a somewhat futuristic vibe at the NADA Auto Show this year.


The Suzuki showroom walls were incorporated of posters and banners and before them stood magnificent motorbikes and shiny scooters like Gixxer and Gixxer SF. Bikes on display on the podium on the floor? Suzuki went to the next level on their display for bikes emerged from a much higher position catching all the right attention. Products were coated with ruddy red, cerulean blue and many more fusion colours that would appeal to almost any bike-cum-colour enthusiast. The overall ambience of the stall was commendable with the bikes and scooters embellished with the right sophistication and style.


Benelli went for a more spacious and airy stall at 2016 NADA Auto Show. Making sure that the visitors had ample amount of space to go through the stall with proper ventilation, the valued products of the brand were put up on the podiums. Floors were tiled with wood and the walls gleamed with the tint of green, creating a special effect to glorify the hunky motorbikes: Tornado TNT 25, TNT 300, and TNT 600i that Benelli has launched. Grungy female models dressed in black too did not fail to capture the attention of the bike-studded eyes of the audience. With a lion as their symbol, the bikes roared in auspicious colours of medallion and jade green.



Bike accessories and pictures of bikers picturesquely hung on the walls with products of Mahindra beautifully lined up in front of them at the Mahindra 2 wheelers stall. However, it was the newly launched Mahindra Mojo 300that stole the limelight at the Mahindra stall of 2016 NADA Auto Show. Brought to Nepal for the first time, Mojo 300 received a warm welcome through its launch at NADA auto show. The mild, radiant interior of the stall was a pleasant alternative from the usual dark concepts seen at the other stalls and the Mahindra Mojo standing flawlessly at centre, captivating almost every onlooker was the icing to the wonderful cake that was the Mahindra 2 wheelers stall.



The eye catching but classy display of Motrac’s logo with its inherent colours’, black and red in the background really stood out at the 2016 NADA Auto Show. The edgy and captivating looks of the motorcycles also perfectly complimented the backdrop of the small yet power packed stall of Motrac. On display were Motrac MX, Motrac M5, Motrac M6, which were launched at NADA itself. The sports bikes present at the stall surely stood out from the rest of the bikes at the show with their distinctive small size, opening doors to many people of different sizes to the world of bikes. The unique size of bike in itself was enough to attract a great deal of crowd.

Royal Enfield

The stall put up by Royal Enfield at 2016  NADA Auto Show had a chic and refined yet adventurously rugged look to it with their valued products that were Classics, the Thunderbird and the Continental GT mesmerizing each and every bike enthusiast who visited the stall or walked past it. The stall offered something new this time with a biker’s clothing apparel put on display and bike accessories neatly decorated on the shelves. Pictures regarding Royal Enfield’s upcoming product-- the Himalayan-- were put up on the walls of the stall for the onlookers to anticipate. The stall even had exchange offers for the visitors of the auto show. Royal Enfield truly stepped up their game at this year’s auto show.



One of the latest names in the auto mobile industry, Scomadi was also part of the 2016 NADA Auto Show with its attractive stall gathering a good amount of visitors. The stall was enclosed by the logo of the brand plastered on all sides giving the stall a vibrant and unique touch to it. On display was an exclusive array of the brand’s well-liked TL125 series of classic scooters with modern technique aimed to allow a two-wheeler enthusiast to retain classic styling without sacrificing reliability or modern day functionality. The presence of pretty models gracing the scooters and one of the decorated scooters reflecting the union jack seen all over the stall, were a bonus to the unique ambience of the stall.



A sense of youthful exuberance was felt at the Honda stall at this year’s auto show as Honda, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, launched two of its major products, sports bike CBR650F and crossover of a scooter and a bike, NAVi. Confetti poppers were released to commemorate their new launches with a bang. The stall also had the crowd favourite Hornet accompanying the newly launched products. The Honda showroom’s walls were decked with decorative bike parts and gears like t-shirts and funky helmets that perfectly complemented the vibrant bikes put on display.



SYM stall went for a minimalistic approach at this year’s NADA Auto Show letting their titillating range of products speak for themselves. SYM two wheelers shone bright at the stall like celebrities on the red carpet. The upgraded new designs and features of the model maxi scooter Citycom S 300i helped the product to make it possible to attract as many scooter-craze customers as possible. How can anyone not like the two sporty dual-headlights and the glass protection? Chicin colours of asbestos-white and dove grey, and highly useful features-the SYM Citycom S 300iare the ultimate scooter goals. With so much to offer in their promising products itself, no wonder the SYM motors decided to go more basic on their interiors.


Bella Electric

Looked like the Bella Electric stall took the idea of going green quite literally with not only the products showcased at the show being eco-friendly but the stall itself was overpowered by the colour green. Environmentalists and eco-friendly lovers were in for a treat at Bella Electric due to the exciting line-up of stylish scooters and bikes displayed. The Bella Electirc products use battery power instead of the usual environment degrading fossil fuels. With an aim of making the city a better place to live and ride by introducing electric scooters, Bella Electric showcased an array of affordable, sustainable, pollution free and fuel free scooters at the NADA Auto Show 2016.



Hyundai transformed the spacious stall into a bold yet intricate space. The Korean auto leader highly popular due to its varied ranges presented the audience with its most popular ranges. Creta, Verna, i20 Active, EON, and i10 Grand were set beautifully against the cellular patterned back drop a uniform designed mandatory to all Hyundai showrooms. It was, however, the all new Tucson that dominated the show.



In prime colors of blue and red the cool looking new Vitara Brezza was the primary show stealer for Suzuki. Decked with aftermarket accessories and painted to give it a sporty look the cars outshone the dazzling display of bright LED lights overhead. While the buzz was all about the Brezza, a "selfie with Brezza" attracted its fair share of participants and added to the vibrancy. Baleno and Swift two of Suzuki's prime products were also on display alongside.



Mahindra, after being absent from last year's NADA, returned to the show filled to the brim with fun. The renowned Indian brand showcased its versatile SUV range. Funky shaped descriptive boards each placed strategically in front of the 3 jeeps announced the nature of the products before the eyes could move forward to admire the Young KUV, the Tough TUV and the Premium XUV. The fun element was not missed in color choice either; the orange KUV particularly livened up the place. And literally on top of that the uniquely shaped board lit up with vibrancy. Living up to its 'Live Young Live Free' tag line Mahindra also provided the audience with a thrill through its virtual reality glasses.




Ssangyong, a new name in the luxury SUV market embraced the idea of “Less is more”. Opting for minimal decor, besides the aesthetically pleasing blue green fusion walls and the presence of  models dressed in Kimono inspired outfit, Ssanyong let its four amazing products do all the talking. The lineup of Actyon, Korana, Tivoli XLV and Rexton left little need for any additional embellishment and judging by the audience attraction we can say that the concept surely worked for them.



With Messi as its brand ambassador the TATA could not afford to be anything less than majestically playful and it was just that. A majestic backdrop of Messi illuminated by bright lights gave of an exuberance which was beautifully complemented by the unique flooring: a grass turf. Rows of lights shone stunningly on each of the 4 ranges: Zest, Bolt, Safari Storme and the newly launched Tiago. Even amidst the entire dazzle the newly launched Tiago was distinctive in its fun yellow while the other ranges were in subtle white and silver.



One could simultaneously feel vibrant and serene at Ford's exhibition. A spectacular splash of blue and white served as an exciting backdrop while the same blue and white set in bold vertical stripes served as a beautiful ceiling. The ceiling covered in sparkling lights could not overshadow the main attractions: the products. Atop pleasing cream colored linoleum Ford showcased its popular ranges: All New Figo, Figo, Endeavour, and EcoSport.



Datsun presented with the recently launched Datsun Redi-GO, GO + and GO. With a blue and white theme matching up with their simply of the cool range Datsun gave a simple yet fun vibe. One Red-GO modified with alloy wheels, roof rails and body cladding upped the entire cool vibe. With an enervating ad playing on the screen in the back drop, the cars shining under the lights looked welcoming to just get on and go on a ride.



In a considerable large space Nissan, the Japanese auto innovator, displayed a wide range of products. As a popular brand that needs no introduction Nissan's products did all the attraction. Devoid of decoration of any sort the reputed and well loved range was enough to attract a crowd.  Display consisted of the MicraActiv, the X-Trail, the Urban, the Sunny and the all new Navara.



Adventure bikes on top of the Abarth powered Avventura? Fiat upped the adventure game this year with its racing adventure inspired theme.  Dark wooden tiles and the red and white walls with perfectly complemented the bold colors of the showcased ranges. Even with all eyes on the modified Avventura the ever loved Punto displayed on a raised platform against a stylish backdrop focusing on the Fiat logo did its part to lift the show.



In the light of a new launch Honda presented the Civic. Painted in patriotic artistry with a flowing Nepali flag gracing the door and a signature from the CEO of Honda dignifying the hood, the white civic turned heads. Along it Honda showcased its seven-seater crossover utility vehicle ‘BR-V’ which has been exclusively developed for the Asian markets including Nepal. The existent pillars had been well utilized to bring attention to the two products as the names of Civic and BR-V printed in bold could be seen from afar. Embracing the simplistic approach the dirt brown linoleum was the only decoration and it served to put all attention on the products.



The luxury German brand housed its line up of products in a unique manner. Completely different from others VW's design included pillars and exterior with brick wallpaper that gave the entire thing a classy vibe.  Added to that was beautiful wooden tile style linoleum atop of which stood the display of Polo G, Vento, Tiguan, and the newly launched Ameo.  With a time line consisting of picturesque stills of VWs primary products the brand walked its onlookers down a memory lane of quality product pride.



The Korean brand pleasantly surprised the attendees with not one but two new launches. The Grand Carnival and the Picanto 1.0L were showcased in the NADA Auto Show 2016 along with existing Soul and Sportage. The audience had plenty of spacious room to focus on just the products as they were comfortably positioned with an information display and brochures.



The brand from the land of class and elegance MG displayed its British heritage with a beautiful British flag theme. The large flag background accompanied with an open stylish ceiling provided a sophisticated touch. The newly launched edgy looking MG6 and MG3s were showcased on raised podiums. Red, yellow and black, he color choice of the cars perfectly complemented and successfully made the environment more classy.



Another classy stall was of the Czech auto giant Skoda. Even with absence of bright over head light Skoda's signature green back drop lit the stall. Being on the more spacious side onlookers could comfortably observe the display of Czech Rapid, Rapid and the popular Yeti. The cars were cleverly color coordinated in white, silver and grey looked simply pleasing atop wooden flooring.



Dominating a large open space the Toyota stall successfully pulled off a loud and dramatic look. With its prestigious logo set boldly in a jagged pillar and the back drop consisting of aesthetic geographic pattern in its distinctive red and blue the stall was impossible to overlook. In contrast the display range which consisted of the newly launched Innova Crysta and the Rav 4 were of subtle colors and aligned in a straight fashion.