Jazz Productions

Text By Archana Shrestha

With their major hit short movie Bob, and the music video of The Night Is an Ocean by the American indie band The Winter Aid, Jazz Productions has consistently set the bar for cinematography and all things creative. But from where does the idea of video-making come to Jazz? For Aneel Neupane, CEO, writer/director of Jazz Productions, his office is a place for building collective energy to generate new ideas. This is what makes his office in Kupondole a cozy affair where ideas are born.

How did you come to have your office in this very place?

It has just been 14 months since we have shifted to this office. This is the third place

that our office has shifted to. After we got here, we decided that this is a place

where we would be for a while. My personal interest was to bring small modifications in

the place we would work in. The landlords of our previous offices were strict; we couldn’t make any kind of customization to those places. But now, we are free to do anything here which makes it even more comfortable.

What makes your office have a feel of home?

Every element in every corner of our office flat has been put there with love. One of our walls on the upfront is painted as a replica of the The Night is an Ocean video. The doors just looked depressing when we first got here, so we pasted a collection of stickers of our favorite movies and comics on them. The shelves have miniature objects like Funko dolls of Tardis from Dr. Who and The Flash. We have come up with the idea of ‘Jazz Kitchen’ just recently. The door of the kitchen is freshly painted. The idea is to do cooking tutorials and fun food-challenges for our channel. This is how we have fun even while we are working.

How does creativity come in your workplace?

It is always a collective effort. We try to engage ourselves in generating new ideas by watching a movie a day. And after we are done watching, we discuss the concepts for what contents to put in our videos by gathering insights from everyone. We also modify this work place as per as our need. We build sets for our music videos and design all the costumes and props by ourselves.

How many people does Jazz have to brainstorm for the video contents?

Currently, we are altogether 10 people who come to the office in a regular basis. And

we are not specific when it comes to deciding what to do. However, for the projects we are assigned, we divide up teams for coordinating stuffs. Basically, it is always a team work and lots of brainstorming done in group.

Primary Cameras: Sony S7S2, Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 60D, Canon 550D

Edit Setup: The GPU is NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti graphic cards

Props: Robot arm for a music video