Jonita Gandhi might have made a few songs and covers, but her vocal prowess has landed her amongst the most desirable singers and has brought this desi damsel a long way from her singing debut on YouTube. Read on, as she chats about her concert in Nepal and her music journey.

When did you start performing on stage, and since when did you start performing internationally?

I started performing when I was seven. I grew up in Toronto and I was performing there. From there, I moved to perform in other cities in Canada like Vancouver. All this started when I was in high school. After I graduated from university, I started singing more professionally and that’s when I started my tours and move d to India. And, then, I started seeing a lot more of the world.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to singing?

I think the person who has inspired me while I grew up was my dad, because he was the one who kind of introduced me to music and pushed up when I didn’t really want to. He was a musician by hobby and used to play at gigs. I was really shy,though he started encouraging me to perform with him. Thank god he pushed me towards it, because it’s because of him I am over my fear, and now I love it.

We find you doing different cover songs rather than making your own composition. What is the reason you prefer covers over originals?

Initially, it was just a fun way to experiment with songs that are already known, because I was never a songwriter. I didn’t know how to create songs from scratch. I was anyways performing other artists’ songs at local events in Toronto. Recording and doing it in my own way and putting it online was not really a strategy but a kind of fun for me. Once people started responding and reacting to those recordings, I realized that social medium is a tool to get noticed and to get my talent out there and get some feedback to find out whether I am good or not. Then, slowly, I started understanding more about the elements of the songs and got more into working for the originals.

Who is your favorite singer in India?

Out of the current lot, Arijit Singh. Among the veteran singers, Asha ji.

How did the idea to perform in Nepal come about?

We got the opportunity to come here, and we were quite happy to perform here, as we know there is a lot of love for Bollywood music here. When we were approached, I also found that there was a lot of love for my music. So, why not?

How has your experience been in Nepal?

It’s been amazing. Luckily, we had a couple of days to spare and we got to go sightseeing. We took a mountain flight. It was one of my dreams to see Mount Everest, so I was really happy to dothat. I also tasted a lot of local food and experienced the culture here.

Expectations from Nepali audience?

Well, just hoping that we get the same love from them as given to them on stage.

You sing in different languages, including Hindi, English, Gujrati, Telugu, and many more. Haven’t you tried singing in Nepali?

I will now. You are the second person to ask me that. Nepali is on the list now, for sure.

What are your next projects after Nepal?

I am building my YouTube channels and working on my videos and recording songs for films. A few of my film songs also came out last month, including Manmarziya and LailaMajnu. Other than that, I am performing some shows and also working on some original content videos.