If you were to look out on the streets of Kathmandu at around nine or ten in the night, you might be tempted to think that the city goes to sleep pretty early. No public vehicles running, not many private vehicles, either. All the shop shutters down, and barely a soul on the streets. Really, what is there to do at night? Except sleep. If that’s what you believe, think again! 
Despite appearances, there is still plenty of life in Kathmandu after dark. And, being the helpful friends that we are, we have brought you a list of ten things that you can do to enjoy nightlife in Kathmandu.

Just hang out
Have you ever been to Swoyambhunath Stupa at night? NO? Well you must. Tonight! The night view from there is simply mesmerizing. You can see the entire city twinkling below you. Similarly, there are many other places around the city, especially around the three durbar squares, or around other major tourist destinations, where just being there at night is an experience on its own. The lights and the atmosphere is out of this world. And, because it’s nighttime, it isn’t too crowded. Another bonus point.

Sing all night
If singing is more of your thing than listening to music, there are many karaoke bars in Kathmandu, where you can indulge and test your vocal chords. House of Music has karaoke- night once a week. Similarly, places like Villa Everest Korean Restaurant also have karaoke for you and your friends to enjoy.

Dance the night away
If you like partying and dancing, the city has some amazing nightclubs for part-going Kathmandu-ites. Again, many of these night clubs are clustered around Thamel, which itself has a vibrant night life. So, gather your friends and head over to Déjà Vu, Cube the Club, Blue Galaxy, Fire Club, and more. The music is loud and the atmosphere is lit up; what more can you ask of a night club? Dance away into the dawn till your feet can move no more.

Drive away

Nothing feels as refreshing and borderline therapeutic as driving at night. The roads are empty and free of dust and pollution (to some extent). No horns and traffic noise reach your ears. The road is entirely your own, and you can drive much faster than you could during the day. As you drive by, the street light look more like a streak of yellow, orange, or red, rather than individual points of light. The entire scene looks beautiful. So, head out of your house at nine or ten at night on your bike or scooter, and enjoy driving on the empty roads.

Eat your heart out
One of the best times to enjoy the amazing food and drink options available in Kathmandu is after dark. After a busy day of work, head down to one of the numerous restaurants in the city to enjoy a good meal and a good time with friends. Most of the restaurants in Kathmandu are congregated around the Thamel and Jhamel (Jhamsikhel) areas. Head over to Thamel for a lively evening in the tourist district. Or, if you prefer something more peaceful, Jhamel has a selection of restaurants to rival all others. You can find almost any type of cuisine in Kathmandu. If you like pizzas, head over to Fire and Ice in Thamel, or go to Hankook Sarang for some Korean food. Places like Tasneem’s Kitchen and Yellow Chillies have amazing Indian food, and Saigon Pho in Lazimpat is the place for Vietnamese food. So, enjoy a nice night out with great food and good friends.

Order in and chill out 
If you don’t feel like getting out of your house, or even your bed, at night, there is no need to. There are still services that cater to you. You can order food in the middle of the night, and have it delivered to your doorstep. Services like BhokLagyo, which serves food from 8:00 p.m. till 4:00 a.m. are a godsend to those who like a bit of a midnight snack. You can even have a slumber party with your friends and order food for everyone in the middle of the night. Or, you could simply start a movie on your laptop and enjoy it, while eating delicious food that you did not have to cook in the middle of the night.
These are only some of the things you can do at night in Kathmandu city. Whether you’re a party animal who likes to dance, or you prefer more solitary pursuits, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy local/street food
There are many hidden gems around Kathmandu that serve mouth watering local dishes at dirt cheap prices. Many of these foods come in gadas. Ask your friends for the little shops around their locality that makes amazing chops, pakoras, momos, panipuris, and more. You’re sure to stumble across amazing food that you would never have tried otherwise. Many street food vendors open up their gadas as the sun starts to set. You can find some amazing street food around Mangalbazaar, Kupondole, Basantapur, etc.

Go to the movies 
Who doesn’t love movies? And if you are a film enthusiast (or even if you are not),it’s nice to watch movies at night. Gather up some friends or family, have your dinner, and then and go for a night time screening of a new movie that you’ve been dying to watch. Nighttime also means less of a crowd, both in the theater and out on the streets, so you’ll have to face less of a hassle while enjoying a new movie

Enjoy live music 
If you love music, Kathmandu has many, many, bars and clubs to cater to your needs. Most restaurants and bars around Thamel and Jhamel have live music. And, if your tastes are specific, you can still find places you’ll like. Head over to Purple Haze in Thamel for some hard rock music. If you love Bob Marley and the like, go to Reggae Bar, again in Thamel. As soon as you enter, you’ll know that Reggae is in the air. Funky Buddha plays out some amazing psy-trance till midnight. Electric Pagoda features local bands playing soft numbers, perfect for a romantic night out. There are also many other places like House of Music, Shisha Terrace, Moksha, etc where you can enjoy incredible music.