Just lift it, drop it, shake it, pop it and enjoy the biggest B-boying event, Everest Jam 2016.

The Everest Crew can be accredited for starting a B-boy revolution in Nepal. These are a group of talented individuals, who became like family over the years constantly motivating and inspiring each other, while still maintaining their own distinct style with each one of them bringing their own different attributes to the plate. Formed in 2009, in the aftermath of the B-boy championship in Thailand, where the group represented Nepal, they have since perfected their Asian style of B-boying, and introduced it to many new audiences in Nepal. They have succeeded in establishing this dance form as an emerging dance culture. Every year Everest Jam celebrates the growth of B-boying in Nepal and this year it’s their 7 th Anniversary. The Everest Jam is thus a must go event for every Nepali hip hop, B-boying or dance lovers in general.

The Event will take place on Saturday August 20, in Ugrachandi Party palace. It is going to be the biggest Everest Jam to date. With more than 40 teams participating on the three-on- three category and over 50 people on the one-on- one individual category, this year the Jam is going international with teams from Bhutan and India set to participate. The judging panel this year has one very special member, B-boy Dol (MB crew and B-boy World Asia), from South Korea who is also a world champion. These are reasons enough to promise a flashy and competitive event.

The main event has three categories. The first, three-on- three category has teams of three battling it out in a group battle trying to best the other team. The winner of this event will bag home to winning Rs. 25,000 and gift hampers. The individual prowess of the battler is on display here as all eyes are on them, and they have the spotlight for the moment. The third category is the ‘All-style’ battle where style is not just limited to Breaking or B-Boying but can incorporate many styles and judging is done not on any specific style. The point is just to battle; this is going to be carried out in a ‘Seven2Smoke’ format. The format is a battle meant for 8 solo dancers, who clash in quick 1vs1 battles of one round. The judges make their decision quickly, and the winning B-boy gets a point and remains while another one joins the end of the line. The new B-boy has a chance to beat the previous victor and finally the winner is decided on who has the most wins or whoever beats seven in a row, under the 20 minute time limit. The prize for this category is Rs.15,000 and gift hampers.

To keep the audience yet more entertained, the event has beat boxing and hip-hop performances, withartists such as Girish, Manas Ghale and Yama Buddha, Emcee Trix, Emcee Bijen and Dj Able present to keepcompany. Whether you are the one to get your groove on and dance to the music, or one to just sit back and enjoy the competition, Everest Jam 2016 (7 th Anniversary) tends to offer a full hip-hop ambience show.