We, as viewers, are always looking for something new on YouTube. So, why not check out these lesser known channels that are quite indulging?

As one of the most popular social media or entertainment websites, we spend quite a lot of our time on YouTube, don’t we? And while we do have our preferences in watching those videos, we are constantly looking for new stuff. There are some that are wildly popular and others that are infamous in the world of YouTube. And, as the YouTube culture in Nepal is booming, we have quite a few Nepali YouTubers that entertain us and we can relate to. Of course, we all know the ones to watch, but let’s also have a look at some Nepali YouTubers who are offering some good content but aren’t as yet in everyone’s subscription list.

Atypical Duo

Sanjay Raj Gurung and Sandhya Raj Gurung are siblings, Sandhya being the elder one, both studying in Thailand currently. What got them started, we don’t know, but they were inspired by Buzzfeed and Facts, which led to the creation of the unique reaction videos that’s all about Nepal! Their channel is named Atypical Duo, whose name is atypical itself in a sense, but goes right with what they do. It showcases Nepali culture in an “atypical” way to everyone. Their videos consist of two things we Nepali love most—our country and food, combined with the genuine reactions of the people who feature in them.

They went online just a few months back, but with their unique representation of the Nepali food culture, they quickly became popular. Of course, it isn’t easy—especially for college students studying abroad—with the academics, time management, and funds, but the support from their friends has made it a bit easier. Sanjay even sold his guitar to buy a Lavalier mic to get started, and it now seems all worth it. When their very first video hit 20k views, that was a sign that signified the start of something good!

Another thing that helped them is an advantage of studying in a large university. You meet all these new people and get to know them, and so, the ones you see in their videos are their friends and friends of friends, who they’ve met in the course of their studies from various universities; their batch mates, juniors, and seniors, and it makes the interesting circle larger. And, since their videos include a lot of Nepali snacks and such, it is another thing to acquire them. “Thanks to our amazing friends and relatives, we can acquire genuine Nepali ingredients and snacks that reflect the authenticity of real Nepali cuisine, as even the Nepali restaurants lack the real Nepali taste,” Sanjay says. Sandhya is the one who does the cooking, while Sanjay looks after other aspects.

What makes them so interesting? Well, we as Nepalis want to see Nepali culture reflected in some way or the other in almost everything, and that’s what they try to give us. Be it foreigners trying Nepali dishes or simple snacks, or Nepalis trying exotic foreign snacks, both have some form of reflection of our country. How do foreigners react to our Nepali dishes? And how would we react to having bugs as snacks? Just watch their videos and find out!

Facebook: @atypicalduo

Tunamuna Productions

The name means wizardry, or enchanting, and so they want to create things to enchant the audience with! In the YouTube community, especially in the comedy genre, where things have been done and done again, Tunamuna Productions tries to experiment with the contents to deliver something new. Yes, they also do what has already been done before, but there’s always some kind of twist. The channel is a platform for the team to experiment, on which they basically do what they enjoy.

Also, with contents that appeals all generations, the name is also catchy and memorable! After experimenting with many names, Tunamuna stuck, and so it stays. There are six of them in the team, and they work smooth as butter. It started out as a single channel, but there was a vision to take it far from the very beginning. So, risks were taken; they quit their jobs to give it continuity and are doing what they wanted in the first place. And, now, they’re a production company with a couple of YouTube channels under their belt, in their growing stages.

From the very beginning, their objective has been to create a new sub-genre in the Nepali entertainment industry while breaking out of the present overdone video trends. “Comedy is the most popular genre in Nepal. However, many aspects of it are overdone and don’t appeal to the new generation. So, we want to create something that the previous generation would understand and the new generation can relate to,” says Siddhartha, the one behind the idea of it all (along with one of his younger brothers). They don’t have many videos, but whatever they have are quite relatable, witty, and entertaining.

‘The Hapil Sharma Show’ is considered their biggest achievement, as it was one of their first projects, which was done impromptu, without many resources, and yet, it got quite a good response. This acted as a source of motivation, which helped them keep going. But, of course, they’ve had their bad moments. Many plans fail or go off track, and some at the last moment, and as it is with most YouTubers, the biggest challenge is to strike a balance between their entertainment content and their professional work life.

For now, they mostly parody advertisements and music videos, and have other quite relatable contents along with their newly started animation series. Their further plans include giving continuity to their animated series, in which they tell stories with 2D animated videos. Also, since there exists a trend of web-series, they want to resume their stopped web-series, as well. In addition, further plans include an experimental fully 18+ content as well (which would be an acquired taste), but certainly one of the firsts. Anyway, as we are tired of overdone trends in YouTube, we might get to see something new if we support them.

Facebook: @tunamunaproduction, Instagram: tunamunaproduction

Comedy Circle

Laughter is like food and sleep—it’s an innate desire, and so, there’s a worldwide demand for humor. And internationally, stand-up comedy, in particular, considered an art form, is an immensely growing industry, which even competes with the music industry. You probably laugh to videos of comedians like Kevin Hart and Russel Peters, and they’re quite the stars. In Nepal, however, stand-up comedy is not as popular. But, if you do want to watch Nepali comedians that talk about things that you can relate to; Comedy Circle is the YouTube channel to go to.

Comedy Circle, a stand-up comedy club (maybe the first ever in Nepal), has a vision to develop the stand-up comedy in the country and take it to new heights. A part of a production company called Viewfinders, it’s a brand that identifies itself with humor and is a circle that connects various forms of comedy. “The generation has moved on, but the comedy today is still targeted towards the older generation, which is a bit gaijatra type, and it’s not really popular among today’s youth,” says Anup Ghimire, who co-founded the club and the channel with Suraj Khadgi. And, to change just that, making comedy for today’s youth or anyone with an open mind, Comedy Circle took shape, and just in about six months of operation, the channel is quite trending!

Initially, the club began with performers / comedians being from their own friend circle, and when word spread, the circle grew larger. Then, there were other performers coming in, who wanted to be a part of the growing stand-up comedy platform. From the time when they had to face a scarcity of artists, they now hold screenings and auditions due to the large number of applicants they get. This shows that both comedy circle and stand-up comedy are growing rapidly.

They do sometimes face negative reactions from the audience and community. There are some jokes that can offend some people, but they do need to understand it’s all in a lighter vein! But nevertheless, it’s a part of the job, and the performers do take it with a grain of salt. There used to be a time when people were scared of performing, mostly afraid of criticism and such, but now, the situation has changed and performers feel themselves developing, as well. As the times are changing, there are a lot more of open-minded people, and so, stand-up comedy might reach its intended peak in Nepal, too.

Further, they want to make stand-up comedy bigger and better, selling out entire arenas like in other countries. Comedy Circle holds weekly stand-up comedy sessions every Thursday, so you can join them if you want something good to laugh to. And they’re free, too! They also do a mega event every month. Follow them, go see them live, and let’s together take stand-up comedy further in Nepal.

Facebook: @comedycircle.np, Instagram: comedycircle.np