You might already know, when done through right medium, the results are often amazing. It applies to everything, and this includes selfies / wefies. If you are struggling to get the fabulous selfies, we believe it’s time to own the right gadgets. You might argue but it’s time to move on from the selfie stick. Rather, it’s time to get these gadgets.

SoloShot 3
Known as the personal cameraman, SoloShot 3 is an automated gadget that lets you capture yourself. The gadget comes with a waterproof tag that automatically tilts, pans, and sends zooms to the camera to keep you in the snap. The tag is built in with OLED screen, interchangeable camera, and indoor tracking. It also features automated editing software and wi-fi to connect mobile app. It has a 25x optical zoom lens and takes 12 MP photos. Not only for the perfect selfies and wefies, it’s also great for videos, and to take repetitive shots. With SoloShot 3 you can also share your favorite snaps on social network sites.

Go Pro 
For those thinking, Go Pro isn’t the right gadget for selfies but videos, then it’s time reconsidering it. Arguably, GoPro is the best for video shots but it can also be the best for selfies if used in the right fashion. A typical camera shows only a bit of background along with a face, however, the GoPro inbuilt HD camera lets you capture the whole lot of the background, which can fit in a group of 7 people. Fun for group photos, as well. It’s completely compact, and allows you to take cool snaps of yourself while swimming, boating, diving, or when you are on your own. Moreover, now you can pair the GoPro with your phone via its downloadable app. This way, you can see everything on your phone what it sees and take photos remotely in any pose.

Lumee Case 
The lack of proper light source can often result in gloomy or shady photos. And, this is where LuMee case comes. With the case, you will never need to worry capturing a selfie in low light. The case lights up with the push of a button. The light enhances even in the dark to give the picture needed brightness for the perfect picture, for this case lets you select the right light condition for your surroundings. The case is available for Samsung Galaxy and iPhones. No matter where, at clubs, restaurants, or concerts, you are always on-the-go to take brighter selfies with Lumee Case.

HISY Remote 
HISY is an extremely handy gadget that lets you snap a photo with one hand while holding your phone in another. Gone are those days now; no more fumbling for the snap button. The HISY is a Bluetooth inbuilt phone. This enables you to capture photos as much as from 90 ft. away. It’s quite straightforward to use. It doesn’t require an app, rather pairing with Bluetooth. You can take multiple consecutive shots. So, with HISY, you can get a sharp shaky-free selfie with every click.

Gorilla Tripod
Behind most ruined selfies is cited the lack of a good tripod. Most selfie-takers ignore the significance of the stand, but to get the best un-shaky shots, the stand is indispensable. Gorilla Tripod is ideal to keep your shaky hands steady when taking a selfie. It is the most versatile grip tripod. You can attach it to racks or tables, or just use as a simple tripod. Its rubber grips around the balls restrain it from falling. The lightweight and compact tripod is designed for large and small smartphones. In addition to selfies, it is also great for vblog, or on-the-go videos.

Whether you agree or not, the fact is, gadgets are a great tool for selfie lovers. They are handy, and when used properly, renders perfect shots. However, perfect shot is not always enough to get more likes or appreciation on comments. The perfect shot needs embellishment, it needs to be trimmed and colored (the trending word is “filter” the selfie). Here, we feature two such apps for selfie lovers that promise to beautify shots.

B612 - Selfiegenic Camera
If you haven’t yet used B612 - Selfiegenic Camera, then don’t wait just install it. The selfie app is the No.1 in the App Store photo category in over 50 countries. Its live beautification adjustments, fun stickers, and AR filters are its most popular available features. You can easily get instant glamour shots and enrich the boring background using its special trendy filters. With over 300 million users globally, the app also offers stunning beauty effects to give your selfies a unique and dazzling look every day.

The app doesn’t just get 4.8 rating unless it’s AirBrush. Selfie lovers claim this app to be the “must own app” to get perfection in selfies. The top-rated app features blemish and pimple remover that lets you wipe unwanted spots and pimples with a tap. You can retouch and edit to give your skin the needed glowing perfection in just a few swipes. Its interesting HD editing feature, coined the AirBrush editor, comes with features like blur, crop, slim, stretch, and tune. This feature gives your normal selfie an artistic and beautiful finishing touch. AirBrush is professionally designed to enhance the photos, further, also letting you share them to your favorite social sites.

If you haven’t yet used Retrica, then don’t wait, just install it. Instagram has filters, but Retrica is prominent as the ‘Mother of all Filters’. The app features over 100 different real-time filters. It lets you select from retro to saturate and neon glow your selfie. The app also lets you turn your list of selfies into a collage. To get professional selfie looks, it has feature functions like timers, vignette, and blur. The app is free to download in both iTunes and Google Play Store.

YouCam Perfect
The beautifying YouCam Perfect app promises to give your selfie real time glorious looking effects in every frame. The inbuilt feature comes with skin smoother to clean dry skin, and prevent acne appearing on the picture. The app also features multi-face detection, enabling touch up to every face in group shots. You also get to add contours to revive the true beauty of the face. All in all, YouCam Perfect undoubtedly lives up to its name. It has all the beautifying tools and objects to ensure a fine outcome for your selfie. What more, it’s not just in Snapchat, but the app as well lets you insert your selfie into a fun collage, template, or grid. Eventually, it lets you share the picture perfect selfie to your favorite social network sites via the app itself.