I reached Everfresh in the middle of a fun and hilarious performance by Larry T Hill on a Sunday evening. After touring India, Larry performed in Nepal at Basecamp on August 17, and Everfresh the next day. Larry grew up in Australia with a Sri Lankan heritage, and he has recently completed his reverse migration experience of chasing Sri Lankan heritage by moving there. He had a journey that he went about in an unusual way, overland and by sea, without a single flight. In his upcoming EP, Diasperado, you can hear about some of those wild experiences in some of his songs like ‘Rum & Smokes’, ‘Dolphins’, and ‘Sick as a Dog’.

While living in Sri Lanka, Larry was part of a mobile artist residency called RTX (Road Trip Experience) project, along with about 15 artists from India and Sri Lanka. They were some of the best ones from their professions, be it musicians, photographers, illustrators, or entrepreneurs. This exposed him to an amazing creative network in India. So, after leaving Sri Lanka, India was the first touring spot for him, where he had some great networks to plug into.

After around six months in India, he arrived in Nepal to sway the audience with his hilarious hip-hop music. Larry was a totally new sensation to Nepal, a country full of music lovers. When we are seeking new style and approach to music, Larry introduces vocal looping, which played a very important role for a solo artist like himself. To drive the Nepalis with his music, Larry had his own initiatives to the venues for organizing his gigs. And, when he received positive responses, he said, "It has been a warm response from the venues, and they reminded me of the scale of Sri Lankan scene, rather than the exploding music of India."

Larry played instruments with a couple of Australian bands, but he became a one-man-band since 2012, after he abandoned the drum kits. He then armed only his voice and a looping pedal called Boss RC 505 loop station. He ventured onto a festival stage in the Australian desert, where he crafted cheeky musical tales that would make you swear Steve Irwin and Bobby McFerrin had a love child.

When you watch Larry live, make sure you tighten up your shoes, because you won't feel like sitting quietly while he sings and dances around to his songs himself.

Check him out here: https://www.quietbackroad.net/