My Tarot reading predicted an exhausting two weeks for me and advised that I should take a long rest, failing which I would have a nervous breakdown, for sure. I had drawn the Five of Pentacles and the Five of Cups, both reversed! But, there was no time to rest, not now, when so many deadlines had to be met, when much creativity was called for. In such a scenario, you can imagine my vast relief at discovering a truly high-octane energy drink that promised to recharge my batteries on the go.

The compact power-packed container it came in declared there to be 32 mg of caffeine in every 100 ml, and an abundance of vital vitamin B’s, including B12 and B6. This life-rejuvenating manna from heaven was introduced very recently here, and it has a name that’s as apt as could be, given the very nature of its being.

M-150—that’s what’s it called, a moniker that I predict will be very popular around town in the near future. You may ask, did I draw Tarot cards for it, too, to prophesy its future? No, I did not, and that’s because, a can down the gullet, and I didn’t need to take any help from the occult to do so. The delight of my taste buds and the immediate revival of my broken down system were enough to safely make such a prediction.

Okay, so let’s talk first about the taste. As anybody who has had such energy drinks knows, the medicinal taste of vitamins can be pretty overpowering in many cases. That’s not to say that it is a bad taste, it’s just that, who wants to drink medicine, anyway? Well at first sip, maybe even the second, M-150 does taste quite vitamin-ish, but carry on sipping, or gulping, if that’s your thing, and a different taste takes over your taste buds.

Sweet and sour, and distinctly tart—soon enough it gets to you, and you just want to keep on holding the deliciousness on your tongue. So, faster sipping, and more gulping, becomes the norm. They say that good energy drinks the world over have a tutti-frutti flavor, that is, a mixture of various fruit flavors, and I guess that’s what M-150 also has, because it’s difficult to individually identify any of the flavors that we are familiar with in different soft drinks. Perhaps ‘tutti’ denotes tartness, and ‘frutti’, well that’s easy enough, right?

So, the taste is quite addictive, you just want to have more! But, of course, that’s just a sidebar to the story as far as a high-energy drink is concerned. What about the delivery of its promise to lift you up? Well, while this cannot be as apparent as something as tangible as taste, I can vouch that I had the feeling of a sort of upliftment.

Now, you might say that could be more to do with the psychology of the mind than with anything else, and no doubt you will be right. But, at the same time, there is no doubting the scientifically proven benefits of M-150’s various ingredients. Such as caffeine being a potent stimulant that acts very fast, and that B12, B6, and other members of the vitamin B family have equally potent effects on health and wellbeing.

So, yes, the upliftment of flagging spirits and tired bodies is most certainly the end result of drinking a can of M-150, and what’s more, the effects are felt pretty fast. So, let’s conclude by declaring M-150 to be winner all the way, and more so in the two prime parameters of any high-energy drink—taste and performance.