A band created in 2004 and only growing since then, Kutumba creates music using only Nepali instruments. Their studio stores huge traditional drums, madals, tungnas, arbajos, sarangis, flutes, and every other Nepali instrument that makes music. This band consists of magicians who can create a fusion out of just about everything. They play music all over the country, with large crowds and enthusiastic fans at every event. Some of their more popular tunes include “Mimire Bhaka”, “Banjo Khet Ma”, “Kalilo Tamalai”, “Resham Phiriri”, “Tamang Selo”, and “Sal Ko Paat”.


Born in 1998, and now one of the most famous bands in Nepal, Albatross is loved by anyone who enjoys contemporary Nepali music. The band, first with three, and now with four members, carved its name in Nepali music history with bangers like “Khaseka Tara” and “Timi Bhane”. They love playing music that people can relate to, be it through music or the lyrics. “We are a tight bunch of guys who love playing live, are true to our music, and most importantly, love what we do”.


Nepathya is a widely recognized and wildly popular band in Nepal, famous for its contemporary music, folk rock style, and brilliant lyrics. The band was formed when three students from Pokhara, studying in Kathmandu, decided to make music together. The band took the country by storm with the songs “Chari Maryo”, “Resham”, “Sa Karnali”, “Jogaley Huncha Bheta”, “Taal Ko Pani”, and “Ghar Hamro Pokhara”.

Abhaya and the Steam Injuns

Essentially a blues band before rebranding as a rock ensemble, Abhaya & the Steam Injuns began its journey in 2003 by playing live events in various restaurants and pubs in Nepal, and some in India. They have been nominated for several major music awards in Nepal and were recognized as the number one band of Nepal by Radio Kantipur in 2009. Some of their recent hits, from Looking for Love are “Sakdina”, “Maajhi Dai”, and “Nepali Naari”.

Saurav Shrestha and Utsaha Joshi (Hip-Hop Diaries)

A relatively new group of singers and musicians, These Underdogs are rising quickly to the top with projects such as Hip-Hop Diaries. Hip-Hop Diaries is a music vlog on YouTube that gives a platform for the kind of music this generation is looking for. According to Unik Poet, “The purpose of Hip-Hop Diaries is educating people about the importance of hip-hop, and how it is so much more than just swearing. There’s more to it than what meets the eye.” Hip-Hop Diaries has been garnering quite an online presence this year, with many new subscribers every day.

Bipul Chettri

Bipul Chettri is a singer/songwriter from Kalimpong based in New Delhi. His debut album, Sketches of Darjeeling gained him instant fame with amazing and heartwarming songs like “Asaar”, “Syndicate”, and “Deorali Darah”. He won the Pop-Rock Album of the Year for Sketches of Darjeeling, Best Pop-Rock Composition of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance of the Year for his song 'Syndicate' at the recently concluded Hero Hits FM 91.2 awards. He released his latest album, Maya, in 2016. He has recently released a brand new single 'Basant'

Asis Rana

Starting off by presenting his rapping skills on the rap battle platform on YouTube, Asis Rana gained popularity as a rapper and later branched into other professions. He is now an actor, as well as a judge of the Himalayan Roadies event. Popularly known by his stage name “Laure”, Asis Rana has produced some great songs such as “Chup Lag” and “Nephop Ko Bato” in his debut album Chup Laag. You may also know him from the movie “Tandav”.

Kali Prasad Baskota

Kali Prasad Baskota is a Nepali singer, musician, and lyricist, who has recently been in the news as one of the judges for “Nepal Idol”. Kali did his singing debut with the song “Jaalma” from the movie Resham Filili, which is one of the biggest hit songs in Nepali movie industry till now. Besides that, his song “Thamel Bazaar”, from the movie Loot 2, is one of the most viewed Nepali songs, ranking third amongst the most viewed Nepali songs on YouTube.


Another amazing rock band that inspires many every day, Cobweb has taken their inspiration from the world-renowned rock band Pink Floyd, and seem to be working their content up to match that level. With impressive songs like “Namaste”, “Mercedes Benz”, and “Mero Laagi”, Cobweb is certainly eyeing the hits page of Nepalese music. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

Mukti and the Revival

Mukti and the Revival is a blues-rock band from Kathmandu. The band is basically a rock, reggae, and blues fusion, possibly only one of their kind in Nepal. With groundbreaking albums like Bujhai Deu, Kalanki ko Jam, and Dekhdai Chhu Ma, the band secured their place amongst the high and mightiest of Nepali rock. The band is named after the lead singer of the band, Mukti Shakya, who is considered one of the finest guitarists in Nepal.

Robin and the New Revolution

Robin and The New Revolution is a rock music band that was formed in 1993 by Robin Tamang. The band consists of four musicians: Sanam Shrestha on drums, Dipesh on guitar, Sonam Lama on bass, and Robin Tamang on vocals. This band is highly known and appreciated for the way they’ve managed to avoid stereotypes and generic music. Thus, their songs are considered no less than an acquired taste.

The Shadows

Originally from Narayangadh, Chitwan, The Shadows is one of the first rock bands of Nepal. This band consists of members who pioneered hard rock, with groundbreaking songs that changed the face of Nepali music. Unlike most bands, this one prefers to sing about pressing issues and the struggles of life, instead of love. Their popularity is not just limited to Nepal, but among the Nepalis living abroad, as well.

Rohit John Chettri

Once a popular member of the renowned band 1974 AD, Rohit John is now separated from them and prefers to perform solo. Although solo, Rohit John needs no introduction, as he has already made himself a popular voice in Nepal with songs like “Bistarai Bistarai”. This year, he has been working on various exciting projects that will no doubt knock the music industry’s socks off!