The Sports Hive Bar & Lounge, in Jhamsikhel, is a pretty impressive place. It has all the attributes to make it a great place to chill out, and especially more so for those keen on sports. “We screen all major championship matches live. Right now, it’s the EFL Championship matches, which start from 10:40 p.m. onwards,” says the bar manager, JagdishSiilwal, pointing at the giant movie hall-size screen at one end of the main bar. The establishment also has a coffee bar up front and a restaurant, as well. All these set around a large parking area that can accommodate quite a large number of vehicles.

We are sitting on some really tall chairs that look as solid as the rectangular wood table. There are a couple of smaller (but still large) TV screens around the room, including one over the neat bar with a selection of fine spirits. And, although I had come to ask his opinion on curing hangovers, I cannot help spending some time admiring the ambience. “This is quite a unique place,” I remark, and my companion responds with, “You’re right. I believe we are the only sports bar and lounge with such a large capacity (200 people) and with such a great environment.”

Which as it turns out is very important for preventing customers from getting hangovers. Jagdish explains, “First and foremost, it is important for you to be relaxed when drinking. Stress is a major cause for getting a hangover (probably because you get drunk faster, and you may also end up drinking more than advised). That’s why we as a bar have to provide a very welcoming and convivial atmosphere, so that our customers are at ease.”

I ask him, “What about mixing drinks—is that also a reason?” I am surprised at his answer: “No, I don’t believe that,” he replies emphatically. “If that was true, what about cocktails, then?The major cause of hangover is dehydration, and since individuals have different body compositions, it also depends on how much you drink. ”

He continues, “Responsible bartending is also very important. A bartender should understand his client’s capacity and not pressurize him to drink more. Another thing is, customers do not come here just to eat and drink, they are also seeking attention. So, we have to treat them with utmost respect, meaning our service has to be impeccable, which puts them in the right mood.”

Despite everything, what can be done to cure a hangover if it does occur? “Drink plenty of water, or other liquid,” he answers. “Yes, plain water is good. Tomato juice, or orange juice, or some other juice can also help aggravate the effects of a hangover. Only thing is, make sure that it is fresh and there is no sugar used.”Jagdish has worked for 16 years now as a bartender (“I started when I was 16, now I am 32”) and his advice therefore carries a lot of weight, because he has seen it all, as they say, in the world of drinks and drinkers.

And, his experience also says that soups are good for hangovers, as is Bloody Mary! Yes, Bloody Mary(tomato juice, vodka, salt, pepper, horseradish, and Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce), which has the salty and spicy taste that you crave for when you are struggling with the aftereffects of a night of heavy drinking. Doubtless, one should with drink with care, because there’s no greater killjoy than a hangover the morning after, but in case you do get afflicted by one, remember Jagdish’s advice: “Liquid, liquid, liquid!”