2073 was the year that gave us several reasons to take renewed pride in our nationality. This New Year, we bid good bye to 2073 by acknowledging all those personalities and achievements that brought the whole nation together.

Time goes by so fast! It feels like it has just been a few days that have passed since we welcomed 2073 after the devastating earthquake of 2072. The biggest achievement of 2073 is, undoubtedly, it being the year we rose above the ashes of the earthquake like a phoenix, stronger and determined as never before. Moreover, Nepal witnessed some much talked about and amazing happenings and achievements in 2073 that added to our pride.

Travel: Lonely Planet crowns Nepal as world's Best Value Destination for 2017

Nepal has been ranked as one of the best countries in the world to visit in 2017, according to Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel list. Published in the travel list for 2017, Nepal is the hottest destination for all budget travelers; the country came in fifth among the top 10 countries on the list. Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel guide, says, "Even natural disasters can’t keep Nepal down for long. The 2015 earthquakes caused devastation, but what is most striking from a traveler’s perspective is not how much was lost but how much remains.”

Sports: Gaurika Singh,Youngest Olympian in Rio Olympics 2016

The whole nation rejoiced with pride when the youngest Nepali Olympian in Rio, Gaurika Singh, hit the water in the 100m backstroke. She did not bag any medal, but won a lot of hearts. Gaurika, who is13 years and 255 days old, was appreciated by not only Nepalis, but all those watching her swimming the Rio Olympics from across the world. She was also a survivor,which we are thankful to God for, of Nepal's mega earthquake.

Social Work: Pushpa Basnet, CNN Super Hero 2016

Nepali social worker Pushpa Basnet was declared the CNN Super Hero: Above and Beyond. CNN Super Hero is a special title awarded to one of the five previous CNN Hero winners to celebrate 10 years of the CNN Heroes campaign. Basnet is the founder of the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) that provides shelter to children forced to live with their convicted parents in prisons in Kathmandu. Pushpa Basnet had won the CNN Hero award in 2012, and was awarded the CNN Super Hero award in 2016 for her consistent hard work and heroism. The nation today needs more heroes like her.

Sports: Nepal crowned AFC Solidarity Cup 2016 Champion

Sport isa language, a bond of nationality that builds bridges between people from any community or background. Similarly, Nepali people came in solidarity in support of the Nepali team in the AFC Solidarity Cup, Malaysia 2016, which turned into a 1-0 victory for Nepal in the final, owing to the solitary first half goal from Sujal Shrestha. This is Nepal’s first title in the tournaments organized by the Asian Football Confederation.

Heritage: Boudhanath Stupa reopens after Reconstruction

Eighteen months after the earthquake destroyed hundreds of historical sites across Nepal, the country celebrated the restoration of one of the most prominent Buddhist monuments, Boudhanath Stupa, which was completely reconstructed and inaugurated officially on November 22,2016. Boudhanath, the largest stupa in Nepal, and the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside Tibet,was repaired not with government funding, but with private donations from Buddhist groups and help from local volunteers. The reconstruction of Boudhanath can be taken as an example to urge  the government to reconstruct other monuments as well.

Sports: Mira Rai, Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year

The National Geographic channel awarded Nepal’s trail runner Mira Rai the 2017 Adventurer of the Year award. The global media house announced the award on January 26, 2017. Mira Rai winning the title of the 2017 Adventurer of the Year award from among 10 other equally deserving adventurers,from those who showed their steadfast determination hiking through the Grand Canyon, to the fearless discoverer of the world’s deepest underwater cave, is a matter of great honor and pride to all Nepalis, women and men alike.

Beauty: Asmi Shrestha in Miss World 2016

Miss Nepal World 2016 Asmi Shrestha represented Nepal in the most prestigious international pageant Miss World 2016. She participated in the 66th edition of Miss World, held on December 18, 2016, in the United States, where 117 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown. The major achievement of Nepal in the pageant was being in the top five of the Beauty with a Purpose category. A forum for beauty pageant enthusiasts also ranked Asmi Shrestha’s introduction video for Miss World as the second best among the 35 videos shown.