Kratos Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the official distributors of HONOR phones in the country, have been quite selective when introducing their products but even so, since their entry in the market, the demand of Honor phones has been increasing at a the rapid rate. The phone’s specifications and its budget friendly nature has gained it fans despite the market’s many options.

Fr!day met with Neha Banu to find out what she has to say about her phone.

How much do you keep up with the latest gadgets that are released in the market?

Honestly speaking, I’m usually not so updated with new gadgets as I feel I’m not that much of a tech freak, especially as technology is updating at a most rapid speed. However, as my work also needs me to use updated technology, I try my best to catch up with what’s happening in this field.

What are some of the gadgets that you use in your daily work schedule?

I use my laptop, phone, and iPad on a daily basis. Apart from this, I also use my gear fit which tracks my running route, distance and speed in real time and with precision.

On what basis do you usually select your phone?

I think it’s mostly for the camera; since I’m more active in social media platforms, I have to keep all those updated. I feel if a phone has a better-quality camera, I’ll automatically be in love with the device. This is the reason I’ve been using the HONOR brand since its launch.

How has your perception of the phone changed since you’ve started it?

I was using Samsung Note 8 before and after I lost it, I bought another brand whose price range was similar to my present HONOR 8X. But the problem I found with that phone was that it used to hang a lot and the camera was not that pleasing. After I switched to my HONOR 8X, I realized the phone’s system is quite optimized and it doesn’t hang as often. Above everything, the picture quality is just WOW.

Is there any exceptional experience you’ve had with your phone?

The battery has often left me shocked. When I was travelling to Gosaikunda, I took my HONOR 8X with me. It was a 4 day, 3 night trip and everyone else’s phone died at the last moment as we couldn’t charge our phones there. But mine was running throughout and I was running Instagram and other social media apps as well.

Which phone are you looking forward to buying?

Well, I’m so satisfied with this brand that I’m thinking of getting their new variant of HONOR 20 lite which is soon going to be launched in the market. I’m sure I’ll love that one, too.

Any advice for people looking out for a good budget-friendly phone?

Whichever phone you buy make sure that the main features like the battery, camera and optimization are good so that your phone doesn’t hang.