Don’t want to make it? Here’s where you get it.

through the cold, windy day. One of the best ways to keep yourself warm this winter season is a big cup of steaming, good coffee. And, what better way than to enjoy a good mug than knowing that the coffee beans are home grown right here in Nepal?

Nepal produces coffee at one of the highest altitudes in the world, and most of it is exported. Only a few outlets in Nepal sell Nepali coffee beans, or brew drinks using Nepali beans. The popularity of Nepal-made coffee is increasing, and we have a few listed here to give you an idea of whereto find a lovely cup of Joe, and what the best-selling drink is this season.


Himalayan Beanz Coffee

Himalayan Beanz Coffee outlets use nationally-grown organic tea and coffee to make their drinks. They serve 100% Arabica coffee grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Their mission is to promote only Nepali tea and coffee, with emphasis on quality assurance.


Best-selling drink: Café Latte

Price: Rs. 220

Best With: Chocolate muffin

Location: KL Tower, Chabahil, Kathmandu

Contact: 01-5530960

Himalayan Java

Now with a branch also in Canada, Himalayan Java has been promoting Nepali coffee since 1999, and it is one of the most popular coffee outlets in Nepal. They have a number of outlets in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Best-selling drink: Café Mocha

Price: Rs. 225

Best With: Cheese cake

Location: Durbarmarg, Kathmandu

Contact: 01-4422519

RedMud Coffee

Walls filled with laughter and smiles, RedMud Coffee is one of the popular places for youngsters to hangout.They have been promoting Nepali coffee since 2012.

Best-selling drink:  RedMud Latte and Americano

Price: Rs.150, Rs.125

Best With:  Afghani Kebab & Classic Chicken Burger

Location: Entrance of Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu, and Jhamsikhel

Contact: 01-6201333

Top of the World Coffee

With the goal of placing Nepal on the world map for quality coffee, Top of the World Coffee provides jobs to locals in rural areas, besidesgiving training on growing, roasting, and harvesting coffee plants. Their outlet serves both Nepali coffee and imported coffee, thus offering customers a world-class coffee experience.

Best-selling drink: Pumpkin Latte

Price: Rs. 250

Best With: Cinnamon roll

Location: Arun Thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur

Contact: 01-5013583

Café Tara

Established on July 16, 2016, Café Tara is one of the newest coffee houses to promote Nepali coffee. The restaurant is located at the opposite of American Embassy, and a lot of their customers comprise of those coming for work purposes at the embassy.

Best-selling drink: Café Latte

Price: Rs. 125

Best With: Chicken hot dog

Location: Maharajgunj Road, Kathmandu

Contact: 9813574544

Himalayan Espresso

Best selling coffee in cold beverage - Brownieccino and blended Mocha. Though its heavy but people love to enjoy grilled chicken & bacon sandwich and club sandwich as well.

Cold beverages price: Rs. 270 - Rs. 300

Sandwiches: Rs. 320 - Rs. 350

Best selling coffee in cold beverage is our unique Espresso Mocha. With it goes our freshly baked walnut brownie and choco-chips muffin.

Espresso Mocha - Rs. 220, Muffins - Rs. 70, Walnut brownie - Rs. 100
Location: Kamladi Road , Kathamandu

Fashion Delicacy

What’s more exciting than to eat and shop at the same time? Fashion Delicacy is a multi cuisine boutique restaurant that was established with the motive, “Together for Education”, and 25% of its generated income is contributed towards social causes. The restaurant has an espresso bar that features drinks made from coffee beans grown in Nepal.

Best-selling drink: Cappuccino

Price: Rs. 330

Best With: Mole potato

Location: Lazimpat, Kathmandu


Coffee Pasal

Established by Intimate Brothers Pvt. Ltd., Coffee Pasal serves coffee made of Red Cherry, one of the popular brands of Nepali coffee. This coffee house also has mini-mart where customers can buy the ingredients that are used in creating the coffee shop’s delicious cuisine. For book lovers, there is a separate section where they can read books and enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time.

Best-selling drink: Cappuccino

Price: Rs. 150

Best With:  French caramel cake

Location: Durbarmarg, Kathmandu