If loud noises and crowded places are not your favorite things, here is a list of things you can do at home to make your New Year's Eve fun and memorable.

1. Making pasta from scratch

All you need is flour, water, eggs, and a rolling pin. The pasta doesn't have to be perfect at all; cooking with loved ones is a great bonding activity in itself. Sipping on a drink while making dishes like ravioli or even spaghetti can be a great time to catch up on missed conversations.

2. Mug Brownies

With just flour, sugar, cocoa powder, oil, milk, water, vanilla extract, and a microwave safe mug, you’re going to have a delicious dessert to enjoy in just a minute or two. You can go crazy with the topping. Whether you want ice cream or chocolate syrup, you simply cannot go wrong with this dish.

3. Liquor Soaked Gummy Bears

This is one of the easiest things to do! Just put your desirable amount of gummy bears in a bowl, pour in your booze, almost covering the gummy bears, and cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 5 hours. Make sure to stir it at the 2 hours mark to make sure the bears don't stick together. After the 5 hours, just strain the alcohol, and voila! Your liquor infused gummy bears are ready to be eaten. They won't get you wasted, but it can be a fun snack to go along with popcorn when you're watching movies.

4. Films that Make You Feel Hopeful

Before starting New Year, we want to be filled with all the positive feelings. If Bollywood is up your alley, then watch films like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or Andaz Apna Apna. Whereas, if Hollywood is what you’re into, watch films like A Thousand Words or the top coming-of-age films of 2018 like Eighth Grade or To All The Boys I Loved Before.

5. From 'Heads Up' to the Classic 'Truth or Dare'
While waiting for the countdown, you can play awesome games like Heads Up and Truth or Dare. You can also make a drinking game out of a movie or a TV show you’re watching. For example, if you’re watching The Office, take a shot every time Dwight yells “Michael!”

6. The Countdown!

It’s time to cheer on the New Year! As you count down, think of all the wonderful memories you made the past year and all the things you are grateful for. Take a moment to think of all the things you want to achieve in the New Year.