Waking up Friday morning excited for the night out with the girls…dresses, heels, drinks, and dancing…but work first. Finishing up with Friday half-day, and running across the street to pop into the nearest bottle shop to pick up your favorite bottle for the perfect night with the girls.
Home, shower, and the official preparation of the night begins…

5:00 – Putting on your girls’ night out playlist and calling up the girls to pick up some grease and mixers. Get your nails painted and your hair straightened or curled, as you coordinate the look for the night.

5:40 – Time to pick out the perfect outfit for the perfect night out. Are we gonna play it simple with a little black dress, or something more wild? After all, we girls just wanna have fun! Considering the venue, the weather, and the theme, we will go with something red and something wild. 6:00 – Girls arrive…unpacking dresses, shoes, jewelry, perfume, and makeup. They are everywhere! Mixing drinks, and the music getting louder… dancing on the bed and taking shots, the excitement getting influenced by the music and the drinks…munching on all the greasy, yummy, and sugary snacks to line the stomach. 7:00 – Start picking and comparing outfits, do we all wear dresses and heels, or pants and something more comfortable? Exchange advice on makeup and shoes, while sipping vodka and sharing and laughing about the everyday anecdotes of the week gone by.









8:00 – Face cleansing and moisturizing always the first step; primer, foundation, concealer, eyebrow, lashes, mascara, contour, cheeks, lips, and final touches…we are mirror ready!

8:40 - Mirror selfies, check. Mirror wefies, check. Pose for individual photos and group photos.


9:00 - Call a cab, gulp down the drinks. Updating social media a must, and spray on the scent for the night.

9:30 – Arrive at the club, check out crowd, say hello to acquaintances you meet in line, and get stamped and be ready to start the night.

10:00 – Inside the club, check out the scene, meet friends, take a few shots, get a drink, and feel the vibe.

10:30 – Buzz right to hit the dance floor…let the DJ be your only savior.

11:30 – Touch up, refill, and wefie. Get ready to welcome in the New Year!


12:45 – Ready for another session on the dance floor, drink in hand, welcoming the New Year with joy.

1:30 – Making new besties with random girls in the bathroom, friendships beginning with lipstick sharing and outfit suggestions, and of course, selfies and catching up on situations on the dance floor and the club.


2:00 – Back on the dance floor, the party is just beginning…more shots, more laughter, and more sparks flying across the club.

3:30 – Are we ready to leave, ready to take off our heels and hail a cab? But where to next…food or bed?

4:00 –Some carbs to soak up the alcohol and catch up on the night… walking down the street, watching people around you, following the street lights, running into more friends, and sharing stories of the night.

4:45 – Another cab to take all of you home…continue drunken stories, and of course, the wefies and the emotions and the love coming out for your girls, and then home…someone has already passed out!

5:20 – Bang, crash… head on the pillow…or the cushion… depends on who got the bed.

The hangover– Oh goodness, my head…why is it so bright? Smells of the club, the smoke, the drinks, the perfume, and the flashbacks…and you smile back into your pillow.

Another round of waking up, feeling more dehydrated, and the smells getting stronger…it’s time to get up and be ready for brunch.

A messy bun, blend in the leftover make-up, put on your lazy Saturday outfit, and sip on mimosas with the girls, giggling about last night!

Happy New Year!
Make it a party to remember!