Leaving to a new country for your further studies can be exciting yet overwhelming task. There are always a few things that might slip your mind when getting ready to leave. But don't you worry, Fr!day brings you a list of things that will help you get started when embarking on your journey of studying abroad.

Right documentation

Traveling to another country will require a few important documents. A passport is a must when leaving and returning to the country, and it can take a few weeks to process so make sure to apply for it on time. Also, you will require a visa when going abroad. Make sure to talk to your counselor about all the documentation you need for your destination and keep both digital and physical copies on hand.

Courses and housing

The curriculum in international universities might not be the same as in your country. Know what classes you'll be taking, get familiar with the topics and choose wisely. Also, check with your university if a dorm is provided for you to stay and if not, secure housing as you don't want to be stressing and looking around in a foreign land for a safe place to stay.

Currency exchange

The economy is never stable, especially in some of the cheapest countries. Therefore, you must keep yourself updated on the currency exchange rate and do your budgeting accordingly. Make sure to add in a little extra amount of money in case of price hikes and emergencies.

Health checkups

Health checkups are a must when leaving for a foreign country. Go to a doctor as soon as you can and get a full body check-up and all the vaccinations that you might need. It is also a good idea to meet your counselor in advance for your mental wellbeing. Do ask for prescriptions, if any, in advance so you do not forget to pack them on time.

Stay in contact

Many a times, students lose track of time when studying abroad and go off the grid easily. Do not take your family and friends for granted; stay in contact on a regular basis. Obviously you might be busy, but do give them a heads up on where and how you are doing sometimes to keep those relationships going.