Momo can now be considered as one of the staple foods of all Nepalis, and it’s a dish that we never get tired of. Momos are a perfect meal on a budget. They are inexpensive, quickly served, and with the right achaar, extremely satisfying. Wander around Kathmandu and there will be places serving momos in almost every corner of the city. Within Rs.150, you can easily get these tasty and filling dumplings with meat of your choice inside.


Laphing, a mung bean cold noodle dish that originated from the Sichuan province in China is on the rise among Kathmanduites. It migrated across mainland China, across Tibet, and was brought into Nepal by the Tibetan diaspora. The shops that sell laphing are more likely to be found in Boudha, where most of the Tibetans have settled. The noodles have a slippery texture and are served with a soy sauce gravy. Usually about 50 rupees a bowl, order two and you get your perfect meal on a budget. When mixed with the right amount of rich pepper, laphing can also be an amazing stress reliever for those who love spicy food.


The Nepali-style barbecue, sekuwa, is one of the popular street dishes that are easily available and are quite cheap. These charred proteins are smoked over burning charcoal and served in taparis, along with bhuja, onions, and tomatoes. When craving for meaty dish when you’re broke, sekuwa is the way to go. Delicious, healthy, and affordable—what else do you need?


Local Nepalis frequently refer to this dish as Nepali pizza. Chatamari is one of traditional specialties of the Newar community and is widely eaten as a snack. It is basically a crepe made with rice flour and optionally served with toppings like vegetables, minced meat, or eggs. Low priced within Rs.100, chatamari is easily available in Newari food stalls and restaurants, and served hot, proving to be a delectable lunch.


Samosa is the easiest takeaway snack among the others in this list. It is basically a fried dish with outer crispy layer made with flour, and savory fillings such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, or lentils. Best eaten hot paired with hot and sweet tomato sauce, samosa, priced at Rs.25 each, is a great dish that you can enjoy with your family and friends and not be broke afterwards.